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4 simple methods to improve digestion & prevent Migraine

Indigestion creates ama, a toxic material which blocks flow of vata in the channels and creates pain. To remove ama from the body, first you have to strengthen your digestive fire.

Fight indigestion:

We shall see the different ways to fight indigestion. These 4 simple methods can help you improve your digestion process.

Ayurvedic treatment :

  • Fasting (Langhana) is an effective way to reignite digestive fire. For a day, eat kichdi and drink fruit juices or coconut water. For dinner, eat something light like daal.

  • Take a pinch of sendha salt along with a spoon of lemon and ginger juice to improve your digestion.

  • Soak 2 teaspoon Triphala churna in lukewarm water and drink 30 minutes before going to bed. This will help in clear bowel movements and eliminate ama.

Home remedies:

  • Chewing ½ tsp of jeera, a pinch of salt and asafoetida followed by a cup of hot water provides relief

  • Ajwain is a great ingredient to fight indigestion. Boil 1 tsp ajwain in a litre of water and have it at regular intervals.

Important Dos for good digestion:

  • Chew your food properly.

  • Never fill up your stomach. Leave a quarter of your stomach free for easy digestion

  • Use ginger, pepper, asafoetida, garlic, and jeera while cooking

  • Having lukewarm water while eating food can help digestion

  • Chewing a piece of fresh ginger with salt can help improve digestion

Important DON’Ts for improving digestion:

  • Do not ingest incompatible (Viruddhahar) food combinations

  • Eating raw salads can also increase indigestion

  • Never eat when you are not hungry

  • Opt for buttermilk instead of curd

  • Do not eat when you are stressed out

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