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The liver and gallbladder are the primary locations of two subtypes of Pitta (Pachaka&Ranjaka) which are essential in digestion and formation of blood. Bile juices and enzymes produced by the liver are necessary to break down fats and fat-soluble vitamins. Improper digestion and lack of proper rest deposits ama (toxins), weakens the Pittic fires and leads to liver disorders.Use of alcohol and drinking contaminated water are also additional causes that increases the risk factor. In some cases, genetic disposition for liver problems is also a factor.

Jaundice, Hepatitis,

Cirrhosis and other liver diseases affect many people across all age groups all over the world. 2 million lives can be saved with timely treatment and by following the right diet and lifestyle as recommended in Ayurveda. Speak to a Jiva doctor to start Ayurvedic treatment.

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Mrs Bahuramma, 25, Solapur

Mrs Bahuramma, 25, Solapur

I had IBS which is a digestive disorder like Liver Cirrhosis. I had a healthy appetite and I ate well too, but I was underweight, and I had to go to the toilet 5-6 times a day. Doctors at Jiva explained that my digestion was weak, and my body was not absorbing the food well. In the first month I started seeing some improvements. After 7 months of treatment my body weight increased and I feel healthier.

Vinit, Meerut

Vinit, Meerut

I do not drink alcohol, so when there was pain in my abdomen and doctor told me that I had fatty liver, I was shocked. Later Jiva doctor explained that fatty liver can happen even to people who don’t drink or eat non-veg. After 7 months of taking Jiva medicines and following the diet plans I am healthy again.


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