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Why Choose Jiva Ayurveda

Jiva enables true delivery of Ayurveda with personalised treatment for each individual at all touch-points. We are the first and biggest Ayurveda organisation to have championed a protocol and data-driven diagnosis and treatment. Our scientific spirit is grounded in rational principles, ensuring personalised treatment for each patient, to help them regain “Swasthya” with the use of “Chikitsa” and lifestyle changes.

  • Personalised Root-Cause Based Treatment Personalised
    Root-Cause Based Treatment
  • Pan India Presence,More Than 80 Clinic In India Pan India Presence
    More Than 80 Clinic In India
  • Trusted by millions, 8000 consultations each day Trusted by millions
    8000 consultations each day
  • 400+ Certified Ayurveda Doctors 400+ Certified
    Ayurveda Doctors
  • Patient outcomes, End-To-End Relief Tracking Patient outcomes
    End-To-End Relief Tracking
  • More than, 1.5 Million consulted More than
    1.5 Million consulted

Steps to Get Your Personalised Ayurvedic Treatment

No two individuals are alike. Jiva Ayurveda follows “Ayunique”. It examines the patient and disease
with an aim to diagnose the root cause and offer completely personalised treatment.

  • 01 Connect Call, Message or Chat Connect
    Call, Message or
  • 02 Prakriti Anaysis Get your Doshas – Vata Pitta Kapha- analysed Prakriti Anaysis
    Get your Doshas –
    Vata Pitta Kapha - analysed
  • 03 Health Coach A Health Coach will be assigned to you Health Coach
    A Health Coach will
    be assigned to you
  • 04 Fixed Appointment At your convenient time with Jiva Doctor Fix Appointment
    At your convenient
    time with Jiva Doctor
  • 05 Consult Receive Personalised Ayurveda Treatment Consult
    Receive Personalised
    Ayurveda Treatment

Jiva Ayurveda
Consultation Advantages

Every single day, more than 8,000 patients speak with a Jiva doctor to understand the root-cause of their health problems and get personalised treatment delivered at their doorsteps. Here are the reasons behind the trust of millions across the world.

  • 400+ certified Ayurvedic doctors 400+ certified Ayurvedic doctors
  • 30+ Years of Experience 30+
    Years of
  • 15 million patients consulted 15 million
    patients consulted
  • 20 million hours of consultation 20 million
    hours of consultation

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Journey Story

Health is not the opposite of sickness,
Health is our natural state of being.

Journey Story

It is the balance of body, mind and environment. And Ayurveda is the journey towards this balance. Here, sickness is a detour, not a pill. It diagnoses who we are going through. It is a practice that demands that we work with it If we want it to work for us. It is a study of how the enivironment is us. And we are the environment. It is the science of the life force of us as beings: Being Balanced, Being Healthy, Being One With Self.

Stories of Health & Healing

Thousands have experienced relief after treatment at Jiva

  • Rishi Ranjan Arya, Delhi
    Daksh Malik, Noida

    I had IBS since teenage. As soon as I ate something I felt the urge to go to toilet. I could not concentrate on studies and I felt unhappy all the time. Even after changing many doctors. I got no relief.

  • Ranjana Soni, Bilaspur
    Ranjana Soni, Bilaspur

    SLE and Rheumatoid Arthritis are both autoimmune disorders for which Ayurveda has good treatment. I came to Jiva for RA treatment after spending a lot of money on doctors and medicines.

  • Budh Ram, Meerut
    Rishi Ranjan Arya, Delhi

    My house is on the second floor and climbing up and down every time had become impossible for me because I had Haitus Hernia. I met with big doctors at a famous hospital and took medicines for 8 months but it didn’t work for my condition.

TV Show

Jiva Ayurveda TV Shows

Watch our shows on various TV channels

TV Show

Its 15 Years when we started educational TV shows with the mission of “Ghar Ghar Ayurveda” for a healthy and happy India.

More than 1.5M households have embraced Ayurveda & we have resolve to reach the next million in the next 15 months.

Join us to spread the message and drive the mission for Ghar Ghar Arurveda.

Our Founders

Health, Happiness and Peace — three fundamental desires of every human being that seem so easy to get, yet are unattainable for the modern man today. Jiva was founded 30 years ago on the belief that Ayurveda can truly bring Health, Happiness and Peace to very person, worldwide.

  • Dr Partap Chauhan
    Dr Partap

    Director, Jiva Ayurveda

  • Dr Satyanarayana Dasa Ji
    Dr Satyanarayana
    Dasa Ji

    Director, Jiva Culture

  • Shri Rishipal Chauhan
    Shri Rishipal

    Chairman, Jiva Group

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