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"The desire to live a long and healthy life and to
attain the fulfilment of pleasure, wealth & fame Is
only possible by following Ayurveda in life


Ayurveda: The Essence of Life

The foundation of happiness is health—and that’s more than the absence of illness. Jiva helps you discover true health by taking a cohesive approach of balancing the body, mind and consciousness to its natural state. Here’s why Ayurveda at Jiva is unique:


Body Without Toxins


Traditional Yet Modern


Ayunique™ Self-Care


Methodical, Research-Driven

What Makes Jiva Special

Jiva Ayurveda is the world’s largest Ayurveda treatment organization where doctors
consult more than 8,000 patients every day. For millions across the globe,
Jiva is the first choice for Ayurveda treatment, here is why:


Personalized, Root-Cause Based Treatment


End-To-End Relief Tracking


World’s Largest Ayurveda Telemedicine Centre


500+ Doctors Across India


20M Hours of Treatment Experience


1.5 Lakh Patients Consulted

Jiva Ayurveda
and Its Legacy

From being the first to use technology to reach deep inside villages, to launching the first Ayurveda website, Jiva Ayurveda is an Ayurveda health organization of many firsts.

in Year 1992


Foundation of Jiva Ayurveda laid with just 2 doctors in a small clinic.

in Year 1995


World’s first Ayurvedic website launched for healthcare consultancy & online courses.


in Year 1998


World’s first integrated telephonic healthcare centre – Jiva Medical & Research Centre launched.

in Year 2000


One of the 1st in world to Consult via video.

in Year 2003


World Summit Award by United Nations for TeleDoc project.

in Year 2013


Launched our own E-commerce store.

in Year 2014


Reached the 1 million patients milestone across 1800 towns and cities.

in Year 2015


First in the world to have 500+ Ayurvedic Doctors & Support Professionals under one roof.

in Year 2016


Crossed 80 clinics milestone offering treatment, medicines and wellness products.

in Year 2017


Completed 25 years of service in India and 40+ countries worldwide.

in Year 2018


Launched Ayunique™ - world's first Ayurveda treatment protocols.

in Year 2019


India Book of Records recognizes Jiva Ayurveda for highest number of consultations (8,000) per day.

Ayurvedic Treatment

No two individuals are alike and therefore treatment cannot
be generalized for all. At Jiva Ayunique™ examines the
patient & disease with an aim to diagnose the root cause and
offer completely personalized treatment.

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Most Experienced Therapies &
Wellness Programmes

In addition to treatment for 100+ diseases, Jiva Ayurveda also offers therapies and wellness programmes.



Panchakarma is an integral part of Ayurveda which helps achieve a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness through detoxification and rejuvenation.



Panchakarma is an integral part of Ayurveda which helps achieve a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness through detoxification and rejuvenation.


Kshar Sutra

Safe, sure and cost effective treatment for Piles, Fistula and Fissure. No hospitalization, no stitches.


Eye Treatment

Difficulty in reading, watering of eyes, floaters, pain or strain around the eyes? Get natural solutions for eye diseases and vision problems.

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Stories of Health
& Healing

Thousands have experienced
relief after treatment at Jiva

Get long-term relief from your
digestive problems.

R P Grover, Delhi

R P Grover, Delhi

I had Fistula and Myasthenia Gravis and because of that I was mostly bedridden. This was when I began watching Dr Chauhan TV Shows and understood that Ayurveda could help. I consulted a Jiva doctor and in 7 months of treatment, now I feel much better. I think following the Ayurvedic lifestyle has also made me healthier overall.

Nirmala Grover, Faridabad

Nirmala Grover, Faridabad

I had been undergoing treatment for Diabetes for over 8 years. I had to take it lifelong, and even if I missed for a day, I felt unwell. Consuming medicines every day, for my entire life did not felt unnatural to me, so I tried Ayurveda. Not only is my sugar under control now, I also feel a lot more energetic.

Ashok Devraye, Mumbai

Ashok Devraye, Mumbai

I had Piles and severe indigestion for 10 years. After trying everything I wasn’t sure Ayurveda could help me, but one day I saw Dr Chauhan on TV explaining how Ayurveda treated Piles and it gave me a hope. After 5 months, the pain has reduced a lot, which is more than anything I have ever experienced before.

Raj Bala Sharma, Faridabad

Raj Bala Sharma, Faridabad

I had severe joint pain in my knees and back. I could not stand for long durations, and climbing stairs was becoming very difficult. Doctors gave me pain medication but it was not working very effectively. I began looking for better options, and one day a friend suggested Jiva Ayurveda. I can’t express in words the change that has happened after starting treatment at Jiva. The pain is so much lesser now.

Savitri Soni, MP

Savitri Soni, MP

My pain in my knee joints made it very difficult for me to move. Climbing stairs was almost impossible. Doctors suggested knee replacement surgery, but I was uncomfortable with the idea, so my son brought me to Jiva Ayurveda. Now the pain is much less, and I can climb stairs again.

Pooja Kukreja, Mumbai

Pooja Kukreja, Mumbai

7 years ago I had slipped disc and I had been undergoing treatment for several years. When things did not work out, my mother recommended Panchakarma from an Authentic Ayurveda expert, and in my eyes Jiva Ayurveda was the best. So, I met with a Jiva doctor and started Panchakarma. After 4 sessions I already feel the improvement.

Manohar Makhija, Delhi

Manohar Makhija, Delhi

Constipation had made my life hell. I tried OTC laxatives, home remedies and other treatments, it worked but not to my satisfaction. I always trusted Ayurveda but there was no one reliable whom I could consult, until one day I saw Dr Chauhan on TV. Within 3 months my problem is completely gone! Thanks Jiva.

Nandini Devraye, Maharastra

Nandini Devraye, Maharastra

I cannot remember how much money I have spent on pain killers for Migraine. Chemicals in pain killer was affecting my liver. So finally my father brought me to meet a Jiva doctor. I started experiencing after taking Jiva’s herbal medicines and Panchakarma therapy. The treatment also healed my liver problems. If you have migraine, I definitely recommend Jiva Ayurveda.

Kusum Malani, Chennai

Kusum Malani, Chennai

I came from Chennai to Faridabad for Panchakarma treatment. Though there are many good panchakarma centres I wanted to come to Jiva because I trust Jiva for the authentic approach to Ayurveda they take here. I did 8 sessions since my problems were at an advanced stage, and the doctor also gave me herbal medicines. Now the pain is less, and my body feels lighter.

Rashmi Jaiswal, Patna

Rashmi Jaiswal, Patna

My mother had knee joint problem. Doctors suggested knee replacement surgery, but before that she wanted to try Ayurveda first. She is a regular viewer of Dr Chauhan’s health show and on her insistence we met a Jiva doctor 4 months ago. Today, my mother is much healthier and we have decided not to go for surgery.

Daksh Malik, Noida

Daksh Malik, Noida

I had IBS since teenage. As soon as I ate something I felt the urge to go to toilet. I could not concentrate on studies and I felt unhappy all the time. Even after changing many doctors I got no relief. But Ayurveda changed everything. After taking medicines for 3 months I started seeing the difference. Treatment continued for a few more months and I feel much better now.

Budh Ram, Meerut

Budh Ram, Meerut

For months I spent money seeing doctors and taking medicines hoping to get rid of constipation. Laxatives worked for a little time and then the problem came back again. One day, I saw Dr Chauhan on TV and immediately felt Ayurveda could help me, and it did. I took medicines and followed the doctor’s diet chart completely.

Rishi Ranjan Arya, Delhi

Rishi Ranjan Arya, Delhi

My house is on the second floor and climbing up and down every time had become impossible for me because I had Haitus Hernia. I met with big doctors at a famous hospital and took medicines for 8 months but it didn’t work for my condition. In fact, my problem became worse and as a side-effect I got cataracts. Then I decided to try Ayurveda treatment at Jiva. In 7 months, the pain has become so much less and there is no side effect.

Ranjana Soni, Bilaspur

Ranjana Soni, Bilaspur

SLE and Rheumatoid Arthritis are both autoimmune disorders for which Ayurveda has good treatment. I came to Jiva for RA treatment after spending a lot of money on doctors and medicines. The pain in my knees was so severe I could not even move, especially in the morning. I came to Jiva and took 8 Panchakarma sessions along with herbal medicines. It has really helped!

Abhinav Kumar, Indore

Abhinav Kumar, Indore

For 10 years I had been taking strong medicines for depression and that causing side-effects. I got tremors in my hands and violent outbursts of anger. When I learned about Ayurveda, I came to Jiva and met with senior doctor at Jiva and took Panchakarma. After 10 sessions I feel much better and the tremors are gone.

Name withheld to protect identity

Name withheld to protect identity

Jiva Ayurveda is a blessing for those who are suffering from any disease! I visited Jiva Ayurveda for infertility treatment and I met with Dr Keshav Chauhan there. He guided me in such a way that I conceived after a month of treatment. They have very good medicines available and moreover their doctors are very experienced and skilled. I highly recommend Jiva Ayurveda for gynaecological issues.

Meena Lakhwani, Ahmedabad

Meena Lakhwani, Ahmedabad

My mother was diagnosed with Synovial Cyst in her spine, which affected her right leg. Surgery for cyst removal was the only option suggested by Ahmedabad’s top doctors but we didn’t go for it as she is allergic to allopathic medicines. Hence, we consulted Jiva Ayurveda for a safer alternative. The doctor was so polite and examined all the reports of my mother carefully and prescribed medicines suitable to her. Within a few months of Ayurvedic treatment, my mother was able to walk without pain. Thanks Jiva Ayurveda for giving a new life to my mother.

Rakesh Lakhwani, Ahmedabad

Rakesh Lakhwani, Ahmedabad

I was having pain in my lower abdomen for almost 9 months. I consulted a top urologist who advised me few tests. Surprisingly, all the reports came normal and even after taking the medicines my pain was not subsiding. Then I consulted Jiva Ayurveda doctor who prescribed few medicines that completely relieved the pain. Thank you Jiva Ayurveda for the treatment.

Sushil Sharma,  Ahmedabad

Sushil Sharma, Ahmedabad

I had complaints of gas, acidity, weakness, nasal blockage, headache, and thigh pain. I took allopathic treatment for a long time but did not see any improvement in my health condition. When I visited the Jiva Ayurveda clinic, the doctor told me that I’m facing all these issues because of weak metabolism. Within two months of Ayurvedic treatment prescribed by the Jiva doctor, I felt fine. I am so happy as the treatment solved my 99% problem. Thanks Jiva Ayurveda!

Dr Khushboo Gupta

Dr Khushboo Gupta

I was suffering from PCOD with accompanying symptoms such as facial hair, irregular periods and weight gain. I consulted allopathic and homeopathic doctors and had taken laser therapy for hirsutism but I couldn’t get any relief. I saw few videos on YouTube and decided to consult Jiva doctor. The doctor patiently heard my complaint and was supportive throughout my treatment procedure. Along with taking medicines, I also made a few changes in my lifestyle as suggested by the doctor which contributed towards healing my health condition. Thanks Jiva Ayurveda!

Know Your Doshas
-Prakriti Analysis

Simple test to know your prakriti and find out
how Ayurvedic you are in your daily life.

Our Founders

Health, happiness and peace—three fundamental desires of every human being that seem so easy to get, yet are unattainable for the modern man today. Jiva was founded 25 years ago on the belief that Ayurveda can truly bring health, happiness and peace to every person, worldwide.


Dr Partap

Director, Jiva Ayurveda


Dr Satyanarayana
Dasa Ji

Director, Jiva Culture


Shri Rishipal

Chairman, Jiva Group

The knowledge of
Ayurveda ensures
good health & happiness

Courses curated for Students & Experts

Ayurvedic courses from Jiva Ayurveda have shaped up careers around the world or simply helped people to lead a healthy, balanced life. Want to lead a healthier and more productive life? Pick up an Ayurveda course.

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