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Doctors at Jiva Healers who care!

Provides root-cause based, personalised treatment for your health problems

Jiva doctors are specially trained on the principles of Ayurvedic diagnosis Darshan, Prashn & Sparsh.

We ensure that you get the highest and most personalised treatment experience. Jiva focuses on continually empowering doctors with the latest knowledge in Ayurveda treatment.

Dr. Partap Chauhan Dr Partap Chauhan

Dr. Partap Chauhan

Director, Jiva Ayurveda
BAMS - Ayurvedacharya (Delhi University)

Dr Partap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda, is a world-renowned Ayurvedacharya, author, public speaker, TV personality and the only Ayurvedic doctor honoured with the prestigious World Summit Award by the United Nations. Since 1992, he has dedicated himself to popularising Ayurveda across the world. He started the world's first Ayurvedic website and a Telemedicine Centre that consults 8000 patients daily. Author of two best-selling books, Eternal Health and Eternal Beauty, and dozens of videos on various health problems, he teaches Ayurveda to students worldwide. Dr Chauhan has travelled to more than 42 countries to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda and is a visiting faculty at many international universities.

  1. World Summit Award by the United Nations in Geneva
  2. Lifetime Ashoka Fellow
  3. 'Ayurveda Ratan Award' at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium

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Medical Departments & Doctors

Our team of more than 500 experienced Ayurvedic doctors is trained under the guidance of Dr Partap Chauhan. They follow a scientific and data-driven treatment protocol ‘Ayunique™’, as every individual is unique and so is our recommended treatment. You can select the doctor for your consultation who will be working closely with these department heads to offer you the best treatment results for your illness.

Head of Department


Dr. Keshav Chauhan
Dr. Keshav Chauhan

BAMS, PGDM Panchakarma

Specialises in Endocrine & Skin Disorders

Years of Experience: 8+ Years

Dr Keshav Chauhan is a BAMS doctor and has done his specialisation in Panchakarma. He has consulted patients for various disorders related to skin, endocrine, digestive, autoimmune, metabolic & joints health. In addition, he has formulated proprietary medicines and taught Ayurveda to students in Poland, France, Japan, Lithuania & USA. He is also involved in research & development at Jiva Ayurveda.

Head of Department


Dr. Vishnu Dutt Agrawal
Dr. Vishnu Dutt Agrawal

BAMS, MD, PhD, Diploma in Yoga

Specialises in Respiratory & Digestive Disorders

Years of Experience: 39+ Years

Dr Vishnu Dutt Agrawal is a super-specialist with many distinguished contributions to Ayurveda treatment, education and research spanning over a period of 39 years. He is a Gold Medalist in Kaya Chikitsa (Internal Medicine) and has a vast clinical experience of treating thousands of patients for respiratory, digestive, joint, sexual, endocrine, neuromuscular, kidney and liver disorders, among others.

Head of Department


Dr. Sapna Bhargava
Dr. Sapna Bhargava


Specialises in Gynaecological Disorders

Years of Experience: 24+ Years

Dr Sapna Bhargava has done BAMS from Kurukshetra University, Haryana. During 24 years of her association with Jiva Ayurveda, she has been consulting international patients via video-conferencing and was among the pioneers of providing Ayurvedic teleconsultation. Dr Sapna has been awarded for her dedication and excellence in the field of Ayurveda at various platforms.

Head of Department


Dr. Sudatta Shirolkar
Dr. Sudatta Shirolkar


Specialises in Psychology Disorders

Years of Experience: 12+ Years

Dr Sudatta Shirolkar is a senior doctor and researcher at Jiva Ayurveda with a vast treatment expertise of over 12 years in treating thousands of patients for gastro-intestinal disorders, heart and neuromuscular diseases, Diabetes, Arthritis, Thyroid, Obesity, respiratory problems, hair and skin problems. He also specializes in Panchakarma and Ayurvedic treatment counselling.

Head of Department


Dr. Mukesh Sharma
Dr. Mukesh Sharma


Specialises in Oncology & Incurable Disorders

Years of Experience: 23+ Years

Dr Mukesh Sharma (BAMS) has consulted thousands of patients for difficult to treat diseases and cancer. He has conducted multiple residential programs, workshops & health camps & is a visiting faculty at Ayurveda institutes in France, Poland, Lithuania & UK. He is a core member of the Jiva R&D team and has formulated many medicines. He has also contributed to numerous prestigious Ayurvedic literature.

Head of Department


Dr. Kuldeep Solanki
Dr. Kuldeep Solanki

BAMS, MS (Counselling & Psychotherapy)

Specialises in Psychology Disorders

Years of Experience: 13+ Years

Dr Kuldeep Solanki is a BAMS and has done MS in Counselling & Psychotherapy. He has been consulting national and international patients for over 13 years at Jiva Ayurveda. He has also visited European and Asian countries to teach Ayurveda. He is a yoga specialist and a spiritual healer and has treated many patients suffering from Psychology and lifestyle disorders.

Jiva Ayurveda
Consultation Advantages

Every single day, more than 8,000 patients speak with Jiva doctors to understand the root-cause of their health problems and get personalised treatment delivered at their doorsteps. Here are the reasons behind the trust of millions across the world.

  • 15 lakh patients consulted 15 Lakh
    patients consulted
  • 500+ certified Ayurvedic doctors 500+ certified Ayurvedic doctors
  • 80+ clinic across india 80+
    clinic across india
  • 27+ Years of Experience 27+
    Years of Experience

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