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15 Lakh Have Experienced
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Patient Testimonials and Success Stories

Jiva Ayurveda follows the philosophy of “Balance” - The balance of body, mind and environment. It's our constant endeavour to provide holistic treatment to our patients with‘ sadbhaav’. This is the defining premise of our holistic offerings. The treatment is based on science and follows a data-driven treatment protocol.

Every individual is unique and so is our recommended treatment hence ‘Ayunique’. The doctor-patient relationship is an important part of healing and more so in the current health scenario where an increasing number of health problems are considered psychosomatic in nature or diet and lifestyle-related. Your cooperation and understanding of our Ayurvedic treatment procedures will help us provide you with an effective treatment for your illness.

Read the healing stories below to know what our patients and their loved ones have to say about their experiences at Jiva Ayurveda.

Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Niwas Sharma

I faced difficulty while working due to pain and swelling in the joints of my hands. I met several doctors but couldn't get any relief. Then I thought of taking Ayurveda treatment and visited Jiva Ayurveda's clinic. The doctor took detailed consultation, explained the root cause of my problem and prescribed a treatment pack which helped relieve my condition. Thanks Jiva!

Niwas Sharma
Joint Pain
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Sunita Tanwar

I had severe hair loss problem for years. Shampoos and oils did nothing. I thought of taking Ayurveda treatment but I was not sure about it. Then one day I saw Dr Chauhan's TV program on hair problems and felt that Ayurveda can actually make a difference, and it did! Now I don't see hair on my pillow every morning. Thanks to Jiva.

Sunita Tanwar
Hair Loss
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Rajendra Singh Khatana

For the last 20-25 years, I have experienced sneezing, stuffiness and a runny nose. I have taken treatment from a lot of places. I used to get relief but that was temporary. Only when I took Ayurvedic treatment from Jiva and followed the doctors' diet & lifestyle advice, I got complete solution. I am thankful to Jiva and their staff for treating my condition

Rajendra Singh Khatana
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Budh Ram

For months, I spent money seeing doctors and taking medicines hoping to get rid of constipation. Laxatives worked for a short time and then the problem occurred again. One day, I saw Dr Chauhan on TV and immediately felt Ayurveda could help me, and it did. I took medicines and followed the doctor's diet chart completely and got 100% relief.

Budh Ram
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Monika Dixit

Not even one day would go by without using a nebulizer and nasal spray, thats how serious my asthma had become! I started Ayurveda treatment at Jiva after seeing Dr Chauhan on TV. After 6 months of treatment including herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle plan, I stopped using them. Thanks Jiva doctors and staff for helping me.

Monika Dixit
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Daksh Malik

I had IBS since I was in my teens. As soon as I ate something I felt the urge to go to the toilet. I could not concentrate on my studies and I felt unhappy all the time. Even after changing many doctors, I got no relief. But Ayurveda changed everything. After taking medicines for 3 months, I started seeing the difference. Treatment continued for a few months and I feel much better now.

Daksh Malik
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Rashmi Jaiswal

My mother had a knee joint problem. Doctors suggested knee replacement surgery, but before that, she wanted to try Ayurveda. She is a regular viewer of Dr Chauhan's health show and on her insistence, we met a Jiva doctor 4 months ago. Presently, my mother is much healthier and we have decided not to go for surgery.

Rashmi Jaiswal
Knee Pain
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Ranjana Soni

I am suffering from autoimmune disorders SLE & Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 15 years. I came to Jiva for RA treatment after spending a lot of money on doctors & medicines. The pain in my knees was so severe that I could not even move, especially in the morning. At Jiva clinic, I took 8 Panchakarma sessions along with herbal medicines. It has really helped!

Ranjana Soni
SLE & Rheumatoid Arthritis
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Kusum Malani

I came from Chennai to Faridabad for Panchakarma treatment. Though there are many good panchakarma centres, I wanted to come to Jiva because I trust them for their authentic Ayurvedic treatment approach. I took 8 sessions and a few herbal medicines since my problem was at an advanced stage. Now the pain is less, and my body feels lighter.

Kusum Malani
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Nandini Devraye

I have spent a lot of money on painkillers for Migraine. The chemicals used in painkillers were affecting my liver. Then, my father brought me to Jiva. Surprisingly, I started experiencing relief after taking Jiva’s herbal medicines and Panchakarma therapy. The treatment also took care of my liver problem. If you too are suffering from migraine, I recommend Jiva Ayurveda.

Nandini Devraye
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Rajesh Devi

For the last 2-3 years, I was suffering from backache issue. I consulted several doctors and they said it can't be cured without undergoing an operation. Then I visited the Jiva clinic and started taking treatment and Panchakarma therapies. I am completely fine now. I thank Jiva doctors for relieving my condition.

Rajesh Devi
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Pooja Kukreja

7 years ago, I had slipped disc and I had been undergoing treatment for several years. When things did not work out, my mother recommended Panchakarma from an Authentic Ayurveda expert, and according to me, Jiva Ayurveda was the best. So, I met with a Jiva doctor and started Panchakarma. After 4 sessions, I already started feeling the improvement. Thanks Jiva!

Pooja Kukreja
Slip Disc
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Manohar Makhija

Constipation had made my life hell. I tried OTC laxatives, home remedies and other treatments, they worked but not to my satisfaction level. I always trusted Ayurveda but there was no one reliable whom I could consult until one day I saw Dr Chauhan on TV. Within 3 months, my problem was completely gone! Thanks Jiva.

Manohar Makhija
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Savitri Soni

I had severe pain in the knee joints which made it difficult for me to even move. Climbing stairs was almost impossible for me. Doctors suggested knee replacement surgery, but I was uncomfortable with the idea, so my son brought me to Jiva Ayurveda. With Ayurvedic treatment, the pain has been relieved. Now, I can climb the stairs again.

Savitri Soni
Madhya Pradesh
Knee Pain
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Hussain Mamaji

The constant burning sensation in my stomach even after taking acidity capsules every day was the worst feeling I have experienced! The decision to start taking treatment at Jiva was the best decision I have taken. It changed my life. Jiva medicines are very effective in digestive problems. Thank you Jiva for curing my condition.

Hussain Mamaji
Digestive Problem
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Deepak Kumar Dey

I had trouble with my knee and back due to which I used to face difficulty while walking and performing day-to-day activities. I visited many hospitals in the hope to get some relief in my condition but only when I consulted Jiva doctor, I felt some betterment in my knee pain and backache. With follow-up treatment & medication, I feel completely fine now. Thanks Jiva!

Deepak Kumar Dey
Shilong, Meghalya
Knee Pain
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Jai Bhagwan

I was experiencing the excruciating pain of migraine for the last 30 years. Despite taking several medicines, I didn't get any relief. Then I saw Dr Chauhan on TV speaking on how Ayurveda treats migraine. I called up their Jiva clinic and consulted a doctor. Their medicines, diet & lifestyle guide helped me say goodbye to the long-standing pain. Now, I am a firm believer in Ayurveda.

Jai Bhagwan
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Ashok Devraye

I had Piles and severe indigestion for 10 years. After trying everything I wasn't sure whether Ayurveda could help me, but one day I saw Dr Chauhan on TV explaining how Ayurveda treat Piles and it gave me hope. After 5 months of taking the treatment, the pain has reduced a lot, which is more than anything I have ever experienced before.

Ashok Devraye
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Mr Imran

Since last 25 years, I am living in Saudi. I had hypertension and weight gain issues. I searched about Jiva on the internet and contacted their team and started taking Ayurvedic treatment. I got considerable relief in both conditions. My weight is under control now and I do not experience hypertension. I feel calm, healthier and peaceful now. Thanks Jiva.

Mr Imran
Hypertension, Obesity
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Raj Bala Sharma

I had severe joint pain in my knees and back. I could not stand for long durations, and climbing stairs was becoming very difficult. Doctors gave me pain medication but it wasn't working effectively. So, I started looking for better options, and one day a friend suggested Jiva Ayurveda. I can't express in words the change that has happened after starting treatment at Jiva. The pain is so much lesser now.

Raj Bala Sharma
Joint Pain
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Nirmala Grover

I had been undergoing treatment for Diabetes for over 8 years. I felt unwell on the days I missed the dosage. Consuming medicines every day for my entire life did not felt natural to me, so I tried Ayurveda. Not only is my sugar under control now, but I also feel a lot more energetic and healthy. Thanks Jiva Ayurveda.

Nirmala Grover
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Ashray Singh

Since childhood, I had issues with my legs. They were crooked and abnormal in shape which caused trouble while walking. We took treatment from several places but didn't get any solution. My mother used to see Jiva Ayurveda's program on the TV. Hence, we decided to seek treatment from them. Thanks to their treatment, I am able to walk comfortably now.

Ashray Singh
Bone Health
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by R P Grover

I had Fistula and Myasthenia Gravis and because of that, I was mostly bedridden. Then I started watching Dr Chauhan's TV Shows and understood that Ayurveda could help me. I consulted a Jiva doctor and with 7 months of treatment, I feel much better now. I think following the Ayurvedic lifestyle has also made me healthier and improved the overall quality of my life.

R P Grover
Fistula, Myasthenia gravis (Neuromuscular disease)
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Premlata

The veins in my arms & legs were becoming swollen & painful. The veins in my leg formed a web-like structure & I experienced tingling sensations in my fingers. Jiva doctor explained that I had Varicose Veins, which is a form of cardiology disorder. After 7 months of treatment, my condition has completely improved & now I firmly believe that Ayurveda can help with cardiovascular disorders too.

Varicose Veins
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Omar

My head used to shake involuntarily. I visited many doctors, but no one was able to identify the actual cause behind it. I took a lot of expensive medicines but nothing worked for my condition. Then Ayurveda helped me. With Panchakarma and personalised medicines, I started seeing significant improvement in my condition. Thanks to Jiva & their dedicated medical staff.

Involuntary head shaking (Essential tremor - Neurological disorder)
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Niti

Even one day did not go by when I did not have to use my inhaler. The problem used to become severe in winters when the air quality drops due to pollution. After 5 months of treatment at Jiva, I have been able to breathe much easier. I sincerely thanks Jiva doctors and the medical staff for helping me breathe naturally.

Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Gunadhya Thakur

I spent a lot of money to get relief from my skin problem. I thought it would never get healed and then one day I saw a Jiva show on skin disorder on YouTube and I decided to consult an Ayurveda doctor. I liked the convenience of consulting Jiva doctors either on a video call or face-to-face in a clinic. Ayurvedic medicines have treated my skin condition completely.

Gunadhya Thakur
Skin Disease
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Sriram

Tonsillitis had become a regular problem for me every winter. I took some medicines and did gargles but it was not the long-term solution I was looking for. A friend recommended Jiva for Ayurvedic treatment, and I started taking the medicines. This winter, I did not wake up even one morning with a sore throat. Thanks Jiva.

Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Name withheld to protect identity

My son had vision problem. He was 12 when he had to start wearing thick lenses to see the blackboard in his classroom. It was the beginning of a worrisome future. Power in his lenses kept on increasing. I understood that it was not the right solution. That's when I brought him to Jiva. Now he can see the board without glasses.

Name withheld to protect identity
Myopia/Vision Problem (Eye Disorder)
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Name withheld to protect identity

Blood transfusion and pain killers are necessary for treating Sickle Cell Anemia. But, Ayurveda can holistically help with the treatment by enabling the normal functioning of the organs that are affected by it. Gradually, Ayurveda made me feel healthier. Thanks Jiva doctors and the staff for helping me treat the condition.

Name withheld to protect identity
Sickle Cell Anemia
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Name withheld to protect identity

Herbal medicines from Jiva Ayurveda helped me a lot. It stopped the ringing sensation in my ears that I used to feel and I use my hearing aid as little as possible now. I also feel more energetic and healthy. I recommend Ayurveda to everyone to get a holistic solution for their health problems. Thank you Jiva Ayurveda once again.

Name withheld to protect identity
Hearing Loss (ENT problem)
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Anubhav

I had undergone surgery for kidney stones, but it recurred a year later. It was smaller than before but I was not sure surgery was the correct choice. I visited Jiva Ayurveda and with the help of herbal medicines the stone passed out. Ayurveda works well in urinary disorders, especially if you come early without waiting for the problem to become severe.

Kidney Stones
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Antu

My daughter was 13 when she lost almost all of her hair due to Alopecia. Several hair specialists gave medicines to her but nothing worked for her condition. Ayurveda worked very effectively. Within 8 months, her hair grew back. She has healthy, black hair now. Thanks Jiva Ayurveda for helping my daughter with the condition!

West Bengal
Alopecia Areata/ Hair Loss in Patches
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Bahuramma

I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I had a healthy appetite and I ate well too, but I was underweight, and I had to go to the toilet 5-6 times a day. Doctors at Jiva explained that my digestion was weak, and my body was not absorbing the food well. In the first month itself, I started seeing some improvement. After 7 months of treatment, my body weight increased and I started feeling healthier.

Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Name withheld to protect identity

Over-the-counter performance enhancers was a waste of money for me. Consultation with Jiva doctor was a simple telephone call, I did not need to personally meet anyone, which was nice. The medicines were really helpful and I completed the entire treatment course and it has helped me a lot. Thank you Jiva Ayurveda for helping me.

Name withheld to protect identity
Sexual Wellness
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Name withheld to protect identity

I tried different mouthwashes and toothpaste to get rid of the bad breath. Nothing worked for more than a few hours. I did not know that Ayurveda could work so well, but when I started taking medicines from Jiva, I saw a change in just 1 month. My treatment went on for 3 months, the odour is gone and now I feel much better about myself.

Name withheld to protect identity
Bad Breath
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Hardayal

I came to Jiva Ayurveda a few months ago after trying many doctors for treating my condition. The herbal medicines given by Jiva doctors worked very well. I experienced significant relief in the pain and redness in my eyes. Ayurveda definitely helps and I recommend Jiva treatment to everyone for their health problems.

Eye Problem
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Name withheld to protect identity

I thought nosebleeds were common in growing children, but when my son repeatedly had a nosebleed problem, I approached Jiva for treatment. Other doctors only said that there was no problem at all! Herbal medicines and special diet plans given by the Jiva doctor helped my son. I don't get urgent calls from his school now! Thank you Jiva.

Name withheld to protect identity
Nosebleed/Child Health
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Jagdish

My doctor recommended me to take radiation therapy after surgery. It had gotten to a point where I could not swallow at all and I was also losing my voice. I decided to come to Jiva Ayurveda. After taking medicines for just 5 months my condition improved a lot. I continued medicines for 1 year and I feel healthy now.

Problems that occur Post-cancer treatment (Oncology)
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Mandodri

I had consulted many doctors in reputed hospitals to get relief from my neck pain. They said there was no treatment for Cervical Spondylitis. They just gave me painkillers and told me to exercise at home. My son was taking treatment at Jiva & he suggested that I should consult them. I got relief with just 15 days of medication. The treatment continued for 4 months. Now I don't feel the pain anymore.

Cervical Spondylitis
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Mohit

Insulin for life was not exactly my idea of a happy life. Thankfully, I am among the lucky ones to start an early treatment during the initial stages of Diabetes. And thanks to Jiva doctors for making me understand and know that Ayurvedic medicines, diet and lifestyle can go a long way in managing blood sugar without depending on insulin.

Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Vinit

I do not drink alcohol, so when there was a pain in my abdomen and the doctor told me that I had fatty liver, I was shocked. Later Jiva doctor explained that fatty liver can happen even to people who don't drink or eat non-veg. After 7 months of taking Jiva medicines and following the diet plan, I am healthy again. Thank you Jiva.

Fatty Liver Disease
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Raj Kumari

My ankles and feet pained a lot. When I ate dried or oily food, the pain became even more. When blood test results came back, the uric acid value was very high. Doctors gave me painkillers but the relief was temporary. Jiva doctor prescribed herbal medicines that gave me long-term relief from the pain. I recommend Jiva treatment to everyone.

Raj Kumari
Joint Pain
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Anurag

My toes and fingertips used to become cold and numb frequently. I also felt pain in my neck and jaw. My lipid profile showed that I had high cholesterol levels. Jiva doctor explained that the root-cause was ama and weak agni. 6 months after taking medicines, my lipid profile test has come back normal and I feel fine and healthy now.

High Cholesterol
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Meera

For the past 2 years, I was taking BP pills every day. If I missed one, my head would start spinning. One day I saw Dr Chauhan speaking about the success stories of Jiva Ayurveda. So, I decided to meet a Jiva doctor. Medicines continued for 8 months and now I don't need to take BP pills daily! Thank you Jiva Ayurveda.

Blood Pressure
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Birbal Singh

I could not sleep well for months. I had to take sleeping pills every night, and I also had high blood pressure. Then I came to Jiva and met with a Jiva doctor. After completing the treatment at Jiva, now I can sleep without sleeping pills, and my high blood sugar levels have also come down to normal. Thank you Jiva for helping me.

Birbal Singh
Insomnia, High Blood Pressure
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Santosh Kumar

I was 80 kgs and my ankles hurt when I walked. Even though I do not eat a lot, I was overweight. I tried some online weight-loss pills, but that was a waste of money because as Jiva doctors explained, the problem was with my digestion and metabolism. With Jiva treatment, my weight has reduced and the pain is also gone.

Santosh Kumar
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Dhananjay

I was troubled by Allergic Rhinitis for 2 years. I tried different medicines from different doctors but all in vain. I thought it was going to be a life-long problem for me. Thankfully, I saw Dr Chauhan's program on TV, consulted a Jiva doctor on phone and started taking Ayurvedic treatment. Herbal medicines have helped me a lot and I feel fine now.

Allergic Rhinitis
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Richa

I was chubby since childhood. I am 26 now, and when I tried losing weight, it didn't happen. I had hypothyroidism. I visited Jiva and the doctor explained that the root-cause of my obesity issue is weak agni. With Jiva treatment, I have lost weight and my physique has become toned. My thyroid issue is also under control.

Hypothyroidism, Obesity
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Munjal

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I tried medicines from different doctors, but the dull pain in my stomach became increasingly unbearable and I could not go to the office. My friends suggested Ayurveda. So, I met Jiva doctor a few months ago. After 7 months of treatment here, my diet has returned to normal and the pain is also much less.

Ulcerative Colitis
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Bharat Bhusan

I met with the head of the department of a reputed hospital to get relief from Bronchitis as I used to cough all night and could not sleep, but it did not help. There was a Jiva Ayurveda Clinic near me. While passing out from there every day, I used to see the doctors. So, one day I thought let’s try Ayurveda! And I am happy that I did. I don’t cough & sleep well at night now.

Bharat Bhusan
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Abhinav Kumar

For 10 years I had been taking strong medicines for depression that causes side-effects. I got tremors in my hands and violent outbursts of anger. When I learned about Ayurveda, I came to Jiva and met with a senior doctor at the clinic and took Panchakarma. After 10 sessions, I feel much better and the tremors are gone.

Abhinav Kumar
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Name changed to protect identity

We were trying to conceive since 2 years without success. All of my reports were normal and there was no known cause for infertility. We were advised to go for IUI or IVF but we wanted a natural conception. Thanks to Jiva, our family is complete today! I would recommend Jiva to everyone for a safe, holistic and natural solution to health problems.

Name changed to protect identity
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Jayar Singh

My 6-year old son was 3.5 ft in height & 42 kgs in weight. He also complained of pain while passing urine. Test results showed that there were kidney stones. Surgery was suggested, but my son was so young & I didn’t want to take any risk. So I came to Jiva for Ayurvedic treatment. Jiva doctor gave medicines for 6 months & the stones passed out without surgery & his weight reduced considerably.

Jayar Singh
Uttar Pradesh
Child Health, Kidney Stones
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Vandana

Every morning I sneezed continuously for 2 minutes. It was hell. The pain & stiffness in the area behind my nose & eyes made me very uncomfortable. I was on antihistamine medicines which caused side-effects like blurry vision & dizziness. I wanted something effective but safe, so I came to Jiva Ayurveda. 6 months after regularly taking medicines & following all details, my problem is gone!

Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Darshan

For three months, I had been taking allopathic medicines for the infection in my urinary tract. When it did not work, my allopathy doctor asked me to see an Ayurvedic doctor, so I came to Jiva. I am completely fine now. Thanks Jiva doctors for the treatment. I am a firm believer of Ayurveda now and recommend others to take the same.

Urinary Tract Infection
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Rajni Saini

I applied every ointment and cream for Psoriasis that doctors prescribed, but the itching and rashes did not decrease at all. Because of my problem, I mostly stayed indoors. I saw Jiva Health Show on TV and decided to visit the clinic. After taking Jiva medicines for 6 months, itching and rashes are completely gone.

Rajni Saini
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Name withheld to protect identity

Jiva Ayurveda is a blessing for those who are suffering from any disease! I visited Jiva Ayurveda for infertility treatment and I met with one of the senior doctors there. He guided me in such a way that I conceived after a month of treatment. They have very good medicines. Moreover, their doctors are very experienced and skilled. I highly recommend Jiva Ayurveda for gynaecological issues.

Name withheld to protect identity
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Rakesh Lakhwani

I was having pain in my lower abdomen for almost 9 months. I consulted a top urologist who advised me few tests. Surprisingly, all the reports came normal and even after taking the medicines my pain was not subsiding. Then I consulted Jiva Ayurveda doctor who prescribed few medicines that completely relieved my pain. Thank you Jiva Ayurveda for the treatment.

Rakesh Lakhwani
Lower abdomen pain (Urinary Disorders)
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Sushil Sharma

I had complaints of gas, acidity, weakness, nasal blockage, headache, & thigh pain. I took allopathy for a long time but did not see any improvement. When I visited the Jiva clinic, the doctor told me that I'm facing all these issues because of weak metabolism. Within 2 months of Ayurvedic treatment, I felt fine. I am so happy as the treatment solved my 99% problem. Thanks Jiva Ayurveda!

Sushil Sharma
Digestive Problem, Weakness, Headache
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Dr Khushboo Gupta

I was suffering from PCOD with symptoms such as facial hair, irregular periods & weight gain. I consulted allopathic & homeopathic doctors & had taken laser therapy for hirsutism but all in vain. I saw few Jiva videos on YouTube & consulted the doctor. She patiently heard my complaint & was supportive throughout my treatment procedure. I also made a few changes in my lifestyle which contributed to healing my health condition. Thanks Jiva Ayurveda!

Dr Khushboo Gupta
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Sheela Devi

I am 47-years old and suffering from cervical cancer for the last few years. Even after getting treated by various medical centres, my disease was still tenacious on my body. On the recommendation of my father-in-law, I booked an appointment with Jiva Ayurveda. Today, after 7 months of treatment, I am feeling fine and energetic again! I hope I will get fully recovered soon.

Sheela Devi
Cervical Cancer (Oncology)
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Tanya

I had skin issues for the last 5 years. My mom suggested getting an Ayurvedic treatment as it finishes the disease from its root. Besides getting complete relief for my skin problem, other issues like dry feet, allergy around my lips & hands & dandruff automatically resolved. Thanks Jiva for providing an absolute treatment. My entire family takes Jiva's treatment & would suggest the same to others.

Skin Problems, Allergy, Dandruff
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Harsh Roy

After seeing Dr Chauhan’s video on TV, I contacted Jiva Clinic for IBS & Weak Digestion. Within 5 months, I noticed considerable relief. My digestion improved & I can eat a lot of things now which used to be impossible a few months back. However, I am not fully recovered yet. But, I have a strong belief that if I continue taking medicines & keep myself up to the diet, I'll get complete recovery soon.

Harsh Roy
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Rajinder Singh Pundir

I am 70-year old. My health is deteriorating day-by-day and I feel extremely weak and tired and suffering from chronic cold and cough. I consulted a Jiva doctor who took my detailed consultation and prescribed the treatment. Since the time I have started taking the medicines, I feel fine and don't feel weak anymore. Thank you.

Rajinder Singh Pundir
Weakness, Chronic Cold & Cough
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Wg Cdr Ashok Chauhan

I was suffering from piles for almost 5 yrs. Though I'm veg & non-alcoholic & regularly do exercise & walk, it happened due to work stress & long sitting hours. I took Ayurvedic treatment but it did not work for me. Since I started treatment from Jiva, I got 80% relief in my condition. I’m continuing my medicines & I’m very much thankful to all the doctors from Jiva Ayurveda as they helped me get relief from this old piles problem.

Wg Cdr Ashok Chauhan
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Pratyush Kumar

I am heartfully grateful for the support of your team. My son was suffering from sleep epileptic seizures in 2016. I consulted renowned neurophysicians but during the medicine course, the seizures occurred many times. I was also worried about the side-effects of allopathic medicines. I was helpless & was searching for an alternative treatment on Google. There I got the link of Jiva Ayurveda. After a detailed consultation, the doctor prescribed medicines, a diet chart & yogasanas. Till today (14.05.2021), seizures did not occur. Really, your medicines worked within few months where allopathy did not work in years!

Pratyush Kumar
Sleep Epileptic Seizures
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Rahul Chaudhary

I had suffered from Anal Fistula 3 months ago. One of my friends suggested visiting Jiva Ayurveda Clinic. The doctor took detailed consultation & suggested Jiva Kshar Sutra treatment. I got operated on with Kshar Sutra and now the fistula has been completely removed and I am very thankful to the doctor that he provided me with the best treatment. I am also thankful to the staff members.

Rahul Chaudhary
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Mrs Vijaya

My name is Vijaya, I had liver problem. I got completely cured after getting treatment with Jiva. I am grateful to Jiva and my Doctor who completely cured my problem. I got my treatment done in Indore clinic for 6 months. I am completely fine now.

Mrs Vijaya
Liver abscess
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Shivendra Trivedi

Main 6 mahino se Jiva se Juda Huin Diabetes aur BP ke liye. Ab mujhe Jiva ke atirikt kisi bhi medicine ki zarurat nahin padhti. Meri Diabetes aur BP control mein hai. Ab kabhi kabhi meetha bhi kha leta huin aur koi problem nahin hoti. Thanks Jiva

Shivendra Trivedi
Hardoi, UP
Diabetes and BP
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Garima Kathuria

Hi, earlier I had a lot of acne on my skin. I suffered from this condition for 15 years. I was feeling underconfident because of these skin issues. But then I started using Jiva Ayurveda products and took proper Ayurvedic treatment for my skin. Now, I feel more confident and my skin feels so good. Thank you so much Dr and Jiva Ayurveda.

Garima Kathuria
Skin Disease
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Surjeet Rai

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for curing my mother with the right kind of medicines. She was suffering from varicose veins for 2 years. She was not able to sit, stand or walk properly. Her pain & discomfort in the legs was increasing day by day. She had also taken allopathic, homeopathy & Ayurvedic treatment but nothing worked for her. At last, she thought to give it a try on Jiva Ayurveda. This is with utmost happiness and grateful heart I am writing this feedback to let you know that it has been just 4 months & she has been cured completely! She even believes that there's no need for taking further medicines. But, the doctor is making sure to cure her completely and cut her dose to half. My whole family is immensely happy as she can now walk, work & stand properly. Thanks to the Doctor & the whole Jiva team for helping my mother. We are forever grateful to you! - Simran Rai (Daughter of Surjeet Rai)

Surjeet Rai
Joint Pain, Keen Pain, Back Pain
Jiva Ayurveda Testimonials by Vyajayanti

There were days when I suffered from irregular and heavy periods. I used to be in immense pain. Upon taking allopathic consultation, I suffered with weight gain and dipression. My friend, an ex-patient of Jiva then recommended me to visit Jiva. I visited my nearest Jiva clinic and took an Ayurvedic treatment. A team of gynecologists enquired about my medical history. I started taking Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD, and my periods started to fall regularly, and my Depression also reduced.


Jiva Ayurveda
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Every single day, more than 8,000 patients speak with a Jiva doctor to understand the root-cause of their health problems and get personalised treatment delivered at their doorsteps. Here are the reasons behind the trust of millions across the world.

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