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What is Epistaxis?

Haemorrhage or bleeding from the nose is called epistaxis. It is a sign of vitiated body heat and is often associated with high blood pressure and some other systemic diseases caused by excessive heat in the body. Many people suffer from epistaxis during the hot summer months.

How Epistaxis treatment at Jiva Ayurveda is different?

From Ayurvedic perspective nasal bleeding indicates aggravation of pitta. Aggravated pitta mixes with rakta dhatu (blood tissue) to cause epistaxis. It can occur as an independent disease or as a symptom of diseases like urdhwaga raktapitta, kamala and so on. Ayurveda utilizes herbal preparations that contain haemostatic herbs for internal and external usage that help check bleeding.

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Name withheld to protect identity

Name withheld to protect identity

I thought nosebleeds were common in growing children, but when my son repeatedly had nosebleed I approached Jiva for treatment. Other doctors only said that there was no problem at all! Herbal medicines and special diet plans helped my son. I don’t get urgent calls from his school now.


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