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What is Syphilis?

In the sexual act we bring together the deepest tissue level of our bodies. This allows reproduction to occur. It can also allow pathogens to be transmitted directly to our innermost tissues, which would otherwise be fought off by the immune system. The greater the number of sexual partners we have, the greater the exposure to this disease

Syphilis is a serious, sexually transmitted, contagious disease with a slow development. It may be acquired or inherited. Syphilis bears striking similarity with the disease called firangarog described by ancient sage Acharya Bhavaprakash in his Ayurvedic compendium.

How Syphilis treatment at Jiva Ayurveda is different?

Bhavaprakash has classified firangrog into bahya (exterior), abhyantar (interior) and bahyabhyantar (two folded) stages and has described similar symptoms and complications as mentions above. He states that all three doshas are vitiated in this disease but kapha may dominate the clinical picture and is responsible for the chronic course of the disease. He further adds that depending upon the seriousness, all seven dhatus (tissues) may get intoxicated in this disease leading to serious complications.

Ayurveda believes that sexual diseases result as a consequence of decreased immunity, which allows the pathogens to exist within the bodies and cause a number of complications. So Ayurvedic treatment involves increasing the immunity level, which then allows the body to naturally kill the pathogens and regenerate damaged tissues.

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Name withheld to protect identity

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