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5 Ayurvedic Therapies That Bring Relief in Migraine

According to Ayurveda, migraines are known as sooryavarta. It is caused due to excessive stimulation of the blood vessel in the brain. In this article, we’re outlining some Ayurvedic therapies that can be used to manage the pain associated with migraines:

1) Shirolepa:

It is a technique in which a paste made from herbs like sandalwood, camphor, or jatamansi is applied to the forehead of a patient to pacify the Pitta dosha. Before applying the paste, any Vata-pitta pacifying oils are applied on the forehead. This application is covered with plantain leaf for an hour and is then wiped off.

2) Shirodhara:

In this technique, a thin stream of liquid, mostly oil, is poured in a continuous stream over the forehead. The continuous stream of oil creates a vibration on the forehead, which allows the mind to experience a deep state of mental rest. Cow’s milk or buttermilk can also be used for the process.

3) Kavala graha:

Also known as oil pulling, kavala graha has a very powerful detoxifying effect. Oil pulling with chandanadi taila and mahanarayani taila is said to have outstanding effects on curing migraine.

4) Shirovasti:

In this technique, the outer area of the head is covered by a leather cap, which has a hollow space inside the cap so that the vata pitta pacifying oils can be held in that gap for a certain period. This is a very effective Ayurvedic therapy for curing migraines and depression.

5) Sneha nasya:

This therapy administered through the nasal route helps in the treatment of pain above the shoulder area. Medical oils such as shidbindu taila or anu taila are put in the nostrils, just like you would nasal drops in your nose.

Migraines have become fairly common. It is known to affect 1 out of 10 people and is among the most most disabling conditions in the world. In addition to short term pain management, you should also consider a long term cure that frees you from the condition altogether. Speak to one of our Jiva doctors today and take the first step towards achieving freedom from migraines.

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