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Eye care as per Ayurveda

With social distancing limiting our ability to connect and physically interact, our daily screen time has seen a jump. 54% of parents have reported that their kids are spending an additional 5 hours in front of a screen, whether that be a computer, phone, tablet, or TV. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, our exposure to screens was a cause for concern. An average office worker spends 1,700 hours per year in front of a computer screen and that doesn’t include their addiction to phones and other digital devices. All this screen time has led to an increase in complaints of eye strain, dry eye, headaches and insomnia.

Eye health as per Ayurveda

Eyes are one of the most wonderful parts of our body. They not only express the emotions we feel but also reflect our state of health. Ayurveda explains that all three doshas are present in the eyes but the main dosha is Pitta dosha. The sub dosha, alochaka Pitta, helps in vision, the main function of the eye. The white of the eye is made up of Kapha dosha, and the pupils are the site of Pitta and Vata. Any imbalance in these doshas by excessive or improper use of eyes or environmental factors may lead to various eye problems like myopia, cataract, conjunctivitis, stye and glaucoma.

Ayurvedic eye care and treatment

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to treat and prevent eye problems. It focuses on improving the imbalanced dosha, which helps improve the overall wellbeing of the person. At Jiva Ayurveda, we have treated thousands of patients for eye diseases with root-cause based, personalized, painless and effective solutions. Our eye care specialists offer a detailed treatment plan including medication, therapies and appropriate guidance including diet and lifestyle advice for complete cure. Rejuvenating therapies are recommended to relax eye muscles and purify the eyes of toxins.

Furthermore, the ancient ayurvedic scriptures suggest the following tips for eye care:

  1. Eyes are the site of Pitta, so cooling measures are needed to maintain the health of the eyes. Bathe the eyes with a damp, cool cloth after getting up in the morning or after being in a polluted environment. Do not splash hot water in your eyes.
  2. Soak 2 tbsp. of Triphala in 1 cup of water at night. In the morning, strain and use the sieved water for washing the eyes. Triphala is a common ayurvedic cleanser and detoxifier.
  3. Grind 50 whole almonds, 50 whole white peppercorns and anise seeds (as much in weight as 50 almonds) and store them mixed in a glass container. Take 1 tbsp. twice daily with 1 cup of milk for a healthy vision.
  4. Rub both palms till they become warm and then place them on closed eyes. Repeat 3-4 times to relax your eyes. Jiva Ayunetra eye drops can be used to keep eyes clear and cool.

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