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Find Relief from Migraine Pain With These Panchakarma Therapies

Factors such as stress, not enough sleep, fasting etc can cause the Pitta dosha to obstruct the flow of Vata dosha in the brain, which leads to throbbing pain and a severe migraine headaches. Ayurveda recommends a few Panchakarma therapies that help in treating Migraine.


This remedy is considered to be highly effective in curing migraines and mental exhaustion caused due to stress. In this technique, certain herbs are mixed to form a paste, which is applied to the forehead. This is then covered by a plantain leaf and allowed to sit for an hour, before being washed away. After this, the head and the whole body is massaged with medicated oil and the patient is taken for a bath with warm water.


This Ayurvedic therapy is known to be excellent for calming the nervous system and is beneficial for the Vata and Pitta dosha. The process involves pouring a thin stream of oil (or cow’s milk) over the forehead. The pressure exerted by the continuous flow of oil on the nerves creates vibration on the forehead that sends the mind and nervous system into a deep state of calm similar to what you’d experience while meditating.

Sneha Nasaya:

In this therapy, medicinal oils such as shidbindu taila and anu taila are dropped in the nostrils, just like nasal drops. This remedy mainly aids in treating the pain above the shoulder.


This therapy uses a specially designed leather cap to cover the outer area of the head. The cap has a hollow space inside to hold the medicated oil that pacify Vata and Pitta dosha. This treatment helps relieve migraine pain and related symptoms.

Kavala Graha:

Ayurveda highly recommends this oil pulling treatment with chandanadi taila to curb migraine attacks. It has a detoxifying effect, and other health benefits range from whiter teeth to increased relief from migraine headaches.

Apart from these remedies, following a well-disciplined lifestyle will keep away from migraine headaches. Additionally, refraining from stress, tour and travel, cosmetics, and smoking is also found to relieve headaches.

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