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How untreated migraine can affect your eyesight

Migraines affect people across all age groups. It causes an intense headache and pain that can even give you a feeling of blindness or a loss of vision for some time. It can sometimes last for an hour or more. Since it is a sharp ache in the head, it affects the eyesight as well.

A migraine affects the eyesight in the following ways:

Problem of aura:

If you are a victim of regular headaches, you might experience some difficulties in vision known as aura. If that happens, you will experience blind spots and flashing lights. In the majority of cases, you tend to get these problems in both the eyes.

An ocular Migraine:

There is also a type of a migraine that affects the eyes per se. It is called ocular migraine but can also be known as monocular, retinal, visual or an ophthalmic migraine. They usually come with blinding pain and aura. Sometimes they affect the vision of one eye for a few minutes and can go up to 30 minutes.

It is evident that migraines have severe effects on your eyes and some of the causes of retinal migraines are associated with blood vessel spasms in the retina of your eyes. One of the major causes of ocular migraines is also the changes in the nerve cells that spread across the retina.

However, ocular migraine is one of the rarest forms of migraines, but people who have it might be running a risk of losing their vision permanently. A painkiller might not be very useful in treating this kind of pain. There is no known treatment for this problem, but some recommend tricyclic antidepressants or even medications of anti-seizure that might help in the loss of vision.

An ocular migraine might also cause dizziness because of the blinding pain. Also, it results in photophobia where the patient is scared to go in the light because it might aggravate the pain. Therefore, if you feel that you are developing an ocular migraine, it is best to consult a doctor at the earliest. There are no tested medications for it, but the doctor might help you with some preventive measures for it.

If you have been suffering from severe headaches, consult with a Jiva doctor today to get root-cause treatment and protect your vision.

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