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Panchakarma treatments for Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa is a hereditary eye problem that affects both males and females equally and because of this disorder one or both of the eyes can be affected. One in 5000 people are reported to be affected by Retinitis pigmentosa. Ignoring the initial signs of the disease can lead to blindness.


Retinitis pigmentosa starts when the rod and cone optic cells become damaged. As a result, the vision of the patient can become weak, and during dark hours, the person may not be able to see at all. This is similar to some nightlines, only severe because eventually the photoreceptors become so damaged that the eyes totally lose the perception of light. In some patients this may turn into Glaucoma or Cataracts.

Ayurvedic treatment for retinitis pigmentosa focuses on stopping the damage from becoming worse and gradually vision is increased. There is a very good application of Panchakarma in the treatment of Retinitis pigmentosa.


  • Blurry vision after dark or complete blindness after sun down are common symptoms of this disease. Gradually the problem becomes worse and day time vision also becomes impaired.

  • Inability to see in low light situations while indoors.

  • Colour blindness or confusion in recognizing colours.

  • Impaired depth perception, difficulty in climbing up and down stairs.

  • Developing tubular vision over time.

  • Gradual decrease in the field of vision.

  • Difficulty in adjusting to the dark.


  • Avoid eating stale or old food.

  • Do not stay awake late at night.

  • Keep your mobile use limited.

  • Do not eat too much of hot or spicy foods. Food items you should take

  • Mix black pepper, butter and rock candy in equal parts and take once or twice daily

  • Drink amla juice with a little rock candy

  • Take ashwagandha, mulethi and amla at least once a day

  • The leaves of amaranth (Hindi: Cholai ke saag) is very helpful in this condition

  • Cow ghee, drum sticks and fenugreek seeds are also beneficial

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