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What is Schizophrenia?

People are sometimes susceptible to mental disorders when faced with aggravating factors such as grief, fear, excessive worry etc. When mental unrest becomes severe, a person ceases to be able to function normally in everyday life. This leads to nervous exhaustion and breakdown or serious disorders such as insanity, delusion, psychosis, schizophrenia and bi-polar disease.

The name schizophrenia means 'split mind'. The disease is marked by considerable disturbances in thoughts (as if person has two minds) which affect perceptual, social and emotional processes. The patient is almost detached from the real world and lives in his own imaginary world. The disease usually arises in the first half of life and its beginning may be sudden or gradual. Schizophrenia is usually compared with the disease Atatwabhinivesh described in some Ayurvedic texts.

How Schizophrenia treatment at Jiva Ayurveda is different?

Charak has said that the vitiated doshas evade the brains of the persons whose mind is under rajasik and tamasik influences and block channels of mind and nerve impulses. Because of this, the functioning of mind and intelligence gets affected. The person fails to differentiate between, what is real and what is virtual and thus becomes victim of atatwabhinivesh. To combat mental disorders like atatwabhinivesh, specific herbal formulae are prescribed which detoxify and clear any blockages that may be present in the subtle channels of the brain as well as rejuvenating and strengthening the mind.

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Omar, 32, Kashmir

Omar, 32, Kashmir

My head used to shake involuntarily. I visited many doctors, but no one was able to identify the actual cause behind it. I took a lot of expensive medicines but when nothing worked, until Ayurveda did. With Panchakarma and personalized medicines I started seeing significant improvement in my condition.


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