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3 Doshic Tips to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormonal changes and physical discomfort can cause insomnia, or lack of sleep. With each passing day, getting proper sleep seems to be a difficult task. While exercises and eating healthy can promote restful sleep, there are some natural remedies that Ayurveda recommends to sleep tight at night.

Pacify Vata:

Vata imbalance is usually associated with difficulty in falling asleep due to worry and anxiety. Ayurveda recommends going to bed by 10pm and waking up by 6am regularly. Avoid doing any mental work in the evening. Have a warm Vata-pacifying meal that contains generous amount of oil, ghee, butter. Other foods that pacify Vata are hot spiced milk, pureed soup, rice pudding, bananas, and root vegetables. Before sleeping, moisturize your body with herbal oils and take a warm bath after that.

Pacify Pitta:

If you have disturbed sleep and constantly wake up during the night, particularly between 2 to 4 am, you are probably suffering from unbalanced Pitta. Eating a pitta-pacifying meal in the evening will help with this. Juicy food that has a high water content helps pacify Pitta. Avoid fried, sour, and spicy food and anything that is packed, canned or bottled. Also, massage your head and feet with coconut oil before sleeping. It can help promote deep, restful sleep.

Pacify Kapha:

Kapha imbalance is usually associated with not feeling refreshed even after a good eight-hour sleep. This can be resolved by waking up before 6am and exercising vigorously. Avoid heavy meals at night. Eat light and sip on organic herbal teas throughout the day.

If these tips aren’t enough, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our doctors for some tips that are personalized to your body and routine. Remember, pregnancy is already a stressful and exhausting period for a woman. You should take every possible measure to grab all the rest you can and get undisturbed sleep at night.

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