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3 Rules You Should Follow if You?re a Diabetic

Diabetes is a tricky little disease. Yes, you can get a high reading on that blood sugar counter if you ignore your health and throw yourself on sweets at any wedding reception.

Food is not the only one that affects blood sugar. The sugar count could be wrong and you might want to repeat the counting. Or it could mean that your medicine is no longer working for you and it’s the right time to try a new one. Unfortunately, Diabetes is growing rapidly all around the world, and mostly the urban population is affected by it due to many lifestyle factors. This article is very helpful to people suffering from diabetes and are unable to control blood sugar level. Here, you will find out that what are those 3 rules of Ayurveda that are very useful in controlling diabetes if followed properly.

1. Plan your diet according to Ayurveda

Food with madhura rasa (sweet taste) and heavy in Kapha properties increase the risk of diabetes. Talk with your Ayurvedic doctor and prepare a plan that is optimized for your body type. It is also important to follow your diet plan accurately and avoid the temptation of eating foods that your doctor has asked you to avoid.

2. Always Stay Active

In diabetes, it is always important to stay active physically as well as emotionally. You can start with something gentle, like walking, and gradually work your way up to 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise, five times a week.

3. Avoid Stress & Anxiety

Stress is one of the biggest reasons that increases sugar levels in blood. Working in a stressful environment, being in anger and anxiety are harmful in diabetes. Meditation is very helpful in reducing stress levels. Practise 20 minutes of meditation every day to manage stress.

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