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3 Steps of Scrubbing Your Skin Properly

We all do scrubbing for our face as it helps to remove dirt and impurities from our skin. But do we know the right way to do scrubbing, when to do it, how to do it, and what should we take care of after scrubbing? Here, we have shared three important steps that you should consider before scrubbing:


Many girls scrub it in the daytime but the right time to scrub is in the night. To start the scrubbing process, we will start with the cleansing process. For this, we will wipe our face with cleansing milk so that whatever dirt is accumulated on the skin gets removed. You can also use raw milk for it. Raw milk is a very good natural cleanser and is easily available at home.


After that we will take steam. To take steam you put hot water in a vessel and cover your face with cloth and take the steam on your face. This is the best way to scrub in the winter, as the dirt accumulated on your skin becomes soft and easy to remove through scrub.


Last step is scrubbing. To scrub your face you can also use the scrub from the market or you can also use homemade scrub. For homemade scrub, take a spoon of rice flour and mix one spoon of milk in it. Now mix it together and scrub your face with this paste. You should massage your face for 2-3 minutes around your nose, chin and cheeks and then wash it normal water.

We suggest you to include regular scrubbing in your skin care routine to keep your skin blemish-free and beautiful.

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