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3 Tulsi Home Remedies for Severe Headaches

Popping pain-killers or sipping countless cups of the black coffee or locking yourself up in a dark room may seem like good ways to reduce severe headaches, but in the long run, they create major complications into your body which are anything but harmless.

Basil is a great herb for headaches and other related problems. Basil can be efficient in relieving the pain in your head. It also helps in reducing the effects of vertigo.

Basil is a herb which has a strong fragrance and analgesic benefits. Its oil relaxes your muscles and reduces your headache caused by tight muscles or stress. Put 3-4 basil leaves in a pot of boiling water and inhale it or add honey to eat and drink the tea.

Mixing ginger juice, basil and honey can also help relieve vertigo and lightheadedness. The natural therapeutic property of basil has been attested by Ayurveda specialists and the scientific community alike. It is one of the most popular herbs with healing properties. Therefore, regular use of basil can do wonders in reducing or even diminishing throbbing headaches.

Ayurveda helps you in getting rid of your dizziness and headache. Instead of enduring the pain and locking yourself up in a dark room, get root-cause treatment. Consult a Jiva doctor today.

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