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Benefits of Jal Neti in Headaches

Congested sinuses are not only the fundamental reason behind chronic headaches, dizziness, and Migraines but it is also the cause of stress, anxiety and other mental health problems. Our had a few basic morning routines that are described in Ayurveda as Dinacharya. One of those techniques is Jal Neti.

Significance of Jal Neti:

Jal Neti is an incredible and very simple technique that cleans the sinuses and removes accumulated dirt and mucus from the nasal passage. In addition to that, the technique also flushes the tear ducts as well as reinvigorates the nervous system.

The term ‘Jal Neti’ derives from the Ayurvedic word ‘Neti’ which refers to the process of Nasal hygiene and ‘Neti’ practiced with ‘Jal’ (Water), is called Jal Neti. Jal Neti is a Yogic technique to clear sinus congestions. It’s a simple practice which just like brushing teeth, one can practice on a daily basis. The aim is to clean and decongest your nasal passage from nostrils to the throat.

How to Practice Jal Neti:

To practice Jal Neti, all you need is a Neti Pot, lukewarm water and a pinch of normal salt. Lean over the sink with your head tilted sideways and insert the spout of the Neti Pot inside one nostril. Let the water flow out through the other nostrils while you breathe through the mouth. Ensure that you keep the temperature of the water nice and bearable.

For proper treatment of sinusitis, nasal congestions and severe headaches, consult with a Jiva doctor today.

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