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Dosha-specific Headaches and Their Home Remedies

Most pains in the body, including headaches, are caused by aggravated Vata dosha. but headaches may also happen because of aggravated Pitta or Kapha dosha. Ayurvedic treatment is unique because it understands the core concern of the disease and offers very personalized treatment for each type. Learn more about the different types of headache and their home remedies.

Vata Headache:

This headache is usually a result of exhaustion, mental stress and lack of sleep. Lack of Vata causes dryness and constipation and stiff neck to cause severe pain. For relief, you need to boil a teaspoon of powdered haritaki in water. Drink this mixture just before going to bed at night. Massage your neck with warm calamus root oil. Lie down on a bed with your nose facing the ceiling. Put at least 5 drops of slightly warm sesame oil in your nostrils and let the effect show. Your ache would vanish sooner than you can imagine.

Pitta Headache:

Some symptoms associated with Pitta headaches are dizziness, photophobia, severe pain and burning sensation. The only solution to a migraine in Ayurveda is to cool down the Pitta. You can massage coconut oil into your scalp for some quick relief. Put a few drops of Brahmi Ghee in your nostrils can also help in subsiding the impact of the problem.

Kapha Headache:

Kapha headaches arise in case you are already suffering from nasal congestion. You experience a dull and painful phase before the pain takes its full form. To get relief from a Kapha headache it is important that you first reduce the blockage in your nose. A neti pot filled with salts can remove the same. You can also sniff the Ayurveda herb Vacha a few times for better effect. Kapha congestion headaches can also be treated by inhaling eucalyptus steam. Apart from that, you can also eat half teaspoons of sitopaladi powder with honey at least three times a day.

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