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5 Foods That Are Good For Diabetic Patients

A person suffering from diabetes should pay proper attention to their diet so that they can lead a healthy life. For this, diabetics should include healthy food items in their diet. A person suffering from diabetes should consume whole grains, fruits and vegetables and low-calorie foods. It has been proved that diabetes can be avoided by consuming foods containing fibre. We will tell you about five such food items that are very important for Diabetic Patients:

Nuts (Mewa):

People suffering from diabetes should eat nuts because nuts have abundance of fibre. It also contains magnesium and healthy fats. Consumption of nuts keeps the stomach filled for a long time.


There is plenty of fibre in beans, rajma, lentils, peas and is considered as a good source of potassium and magnesium. If you buy processed/Canned beans, then always check if there is sodium content in it. If yes, then avoid it.

Methi and Karela Powder:

In few cases, people with Diabetes suffers from inability to produce insulin. Such people should prepare a concoction with Methi Power, Karela Powder, Neem Powder and Jamun Powder. Mix it in equal proportion and consume 1 spoon of this mixture everyday with water. It is one of the effective solution for Diabetic patient.

Jamun and Papaya:

Fruits like Jamun (Blackberry) and Papaya are known to fight Diabetes. Jamun improves the sugar level in your blood and is one of the very few medicinal plant that gives immense benefit in Diabetes. Papaya is another best fruit,rich in vitamins, fibres and is a great antioxidant that prevents Diabetes.

Whole Grain:

Wheat, oats and millet etc. all these whole grains has fibre in excess quantity. In addition, there are other healthy nutrients found in whole grains like Vitamin E, Iron, Vitamin B, Selenium, Magnesium etc and hence, diabetic patients should eat whole grains.

You can make a food chart of the items as it will help you to maintain your diet properly.

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