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5 Panchakarma Therapies for Stress Management That You Must Try

Stress has become a part of our lives. High level of stress can cause a buildup of excess free radicals in the body, leading to diseases and premature ageing. Ayurveda identifies stress as an imbalance of rajas which results in craving, attachment, and desire, thereby resulting in stress. The ancient remedies of Ayurveda offer many ways to treat stress and enhance your natural health. Below are some of these therapies:


It is a therapy that calms the mind and purifies the body. Warm medicated oil is poured and applied to the body for 90 minutes, which clears the toxins and reduces mental stress. This is followed by a steam therapy, which results in total clearance of toxins from the body.


The feet and particularly the sole contains specific nerve endings where various body organs congregate. Padabhyagam is massaging the feet using medicated oils and acupressure that relieves the body of its ailments.


This treatment involves installation of herbal oils through the nasal route. It works especially on the disorders of ear, nose, and throat. It relieves blockages and stimulates the vital centres of the brain.


It involves pouring of warm oils on the forehead which stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus and induces sleep. It stimulates the vital points in the head and improves blood circulation in the brains. It also reduces the level of stress hormones and thus relaxes the mind.


This is a special type of abhyanga technique where the massage is performed with medicated oils that are poured continuously on the whole body with the help of cloth pieces. It helps in balancing Vata and Kapha inside the body.

Apart from these treatments, try drinking organic tea and practice yoga regularly to relieve stress. Ayurveda also recommends the use of herbs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, and Mandukaprni to reduce stress as these herbs have antioxidant properties and can protect against the damage of free-radicals.

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