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6 Benefits of Panchamrit - The Divine Nectar for Pregnant Women

The word ‘Panchamrita’ is made from two words - ‘pancha’, meaning ‘five’ and’ amrit’, meaning ‘nectar of immortality’. Panchamrita is a mixture made from five ingredients – milk, curd, honey, mishri, and ghee (clarified butter). It’s considered especially sacred and is made during pujas and ceremonies. Let’s look at some of the benefits, especially for pregnant women, of having this divine drink every day.

Healthy and Glowing Skin:

Panchamrit is a natural skin cleanser. It provides appropriate nutrition to the skin cells and promotes their growth. It drives away the effects of stress and fatigue that expecting mother’s experience during this phase and leave behind a natural glow on their faces.

Boosts Immunity:

Like we said before, Panchamrit nourishes the seven bodily tissues – reproductive, bone marrow and nervous, bone and teeth, fatty, muscles, blood cells, and plasma - which are responsible for our overall health, wellbeing and immunity.

Strengthens the Bones:

Panchamrit facilitates the formation of the Astidhatu, which in turn, is responsible for the growth of our bones and teeth. Calcium deficiency is a common problem among pregnant women, but having Panchamrita every day can boost her bone density and make her stronger.

Vitalizes the Brain Functions:

Daily consumption of this concoction is known to enhance intelligence, memory, grasping power, and creative abilities. Widely known as the brain tonic, it promotes brain development of the child during pregnancy.

Balances Pitta Dosha:

Panchamrit is known to balance all three doshas and boost overall health and immunity. However, it is especially relevant for pregnant women because it rectifies Pitta imbalance, which causes acidity, nausea, indigestion, and low blood pressure that women commonly suffer from.

Improves Digestion:

Due to hormonal changes happening within the body, pregnant women often complain of poor digestion and other associated problems. One of the ingredients used to make Panchamrit is honey, which is great for those who’re having digestion related problems.

How to make Panchamrit:

To make Panchamrit, take 1 teaspoon each of sugar, curd, and honey and 2 teaspoons ghee and mix it to 5 teaspoons of milk. Use a stainless steel, ceramic or glass bowl for preparation. Always make sure that you only drink freshly made Panchamrit to stay healthy and beautiful during your pregnancy!

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