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Simple home remedies for acne

Who does not know about Acne… those painful and embarrassing pimples and pustules that pop up all over the face, especially during those lovely teenage years!

According to Doctor Granny, our in-house home remedy expert, the problem of acne can sometimes become quite overwhelming (especially for youngsters), leading to depression and anxiety, making people feel ugly and even diminishing their quality of life.

To get rid of this 'embarrassment', people try all sorts of quick-fix solutions – local creams, antibiotics and chemical lotions. Howsoever promising they may seem, these methods don't give you long-lasting results. Consequently, the acne keeps recurring every few months.

So, what is the sustainable solution to the problem of acne? Doctor Granny says, the cure lies in Ayurveda – the science of holistic healing. Because acne is a deep-rooted problem, the use of creams and antibiotics only masks the symptoms.

Specific Ayurvedic treatment comprising the right diet, lifestyle and specialized herbal formulations is advisable to tackle the disease from its root cause.

Take extra care in Summer Doctor Granny's Remedies

In summers, exposure to the powerful rays of the sun can lead to more acne outbreaks and other complications such as sunburn, redness and irritation – none of which are good for acneprone skin. Moreover, summer is a season when Pitta gets accumulated in the body, leading to indigestion and ama (toxin) formation, which is one of the main causative factors of acne.

Doctor Granny's Remedies

In order to take care of your skin in the summer season, you have to ensure it is protected from exposure to the sun. Also, follow a cooling, anti-Pitta diet to improve your digestion and keep the Pitta in balance.

The following home remedies suggested by Doctor Granny can be quite effective in bringing your condition under control: - Prepare a paste by mixing equal quantities of saffron, turmeric, margosa, red sandalwood, holy basil and fuller's earth with buttermilk or milk. Apply twice a day. - Prepare a powdered mixture of coriander seeds, fennel, holy basil, turmeric, and Indian Gooseberry in equal parts. Take ½ teaspoon of this powder 15 minutes before lunch and dinner. - Have 1 teaspoon of powdered Indian Gooseberry in morning and evening with water. - Prepare a paste of rosewater mixed with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon of dried, powdered margosa leaves (crushed fresh leaves can also be used). Apply to the face twice a day. - Boil a few holy basil and margosa leaves in water for 15 minutes. Store the water in the refrigerator, and clean your face twice daily with it.

Note :

Try these home remedies at your own risk. Please remember that home remedies cannot replace medicines. If your condition does not improve, it is advisable to seek professional advice.

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