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Ayurveda Provides Relief from Migraine and Headache

When specific changes occur in the brain, it causes severe pain along with sensitivity towards light, sound or any other activity including the sense organs. Every case of migraine has a different back-story, a cause that needs to be treated differently. The cause can be stress, exposure to sun, anxiety, or just your regular diet. Now since all these causes are very different from one another, the diagnosis must also be.

Why You Should Not Take Pain Killers

Ayurveda provides a detailed diagnosis depending on the cause of migraine or headache. Ayurveda has a stronger effect on the pain inflicted by migraine than any other existing medications. Imagine an individual having a number of engagements piled up and the pain of migraine strikes up, s/he pops painkillers first, but before the painkillers start working the pain becomes unbearable. Painkillers might provide you relief, but it is short-lived with an addition of harmful side effects.

How Ayurveda Treats Migraine

Ayurveda is unique; from tracking the progress of the patient to providing customized diets and medicine it looks into all factors while promising gradual recovery and zero side effects. Ayurveda eliminates toxins from the body and improves gut function to clear ama (toxic byproduct generated due to indigestion) and balances Vata and Pitta dosha (the elements of our body space, air, fire, and water) while restoring Ojas (Vitality). The Rasayana Therapy (therapy for rejuvenation) in Ayurveda endures proper blood circulation in the brain. In addition, ayurvedic tonics calm the nerves, which further nourish and strengthen the entire nervous system.

Simple Home Remedies

Apart from the above-discussed solutions, there exist a few ayurvedic techniques that can be taken up by individuals as home remedies towards migraine or headache, these include:

  • Applying a paste of clay or sandalwood powder mixed with rose water.
  • Applying a 1/4th teaspoon of clove powder mixed with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon oil for 20-30 minutes on affected areas.
  • For headaches caused due to tension and worry, deep breathing and relaxation while lying on backs helps alleviate the pain.

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