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Beauty Tips for Different Types of Hair According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes that people with different constitutions have different hair features. Those who have a Vata constitution will have hair that’s very different from those who have a Kapha constitution. Ayurveda has classified the hair types according to the doshas of every individual. Let’s take a look at how each dosha affects our hair type:

Vata Predominant Hair:

Characteristics of Vata predominant hair includes dark, dry, curly, and frizzy texture. This kind of hair is prone to split-ends, dandruff, and dullness. Frequent warm oil massages with sweet almond oil or coconut oil can restore the lost moisture and make your hair less dry and more manageable.

Pitta Predominant Hair:

Pitta predominant hair tends to be brown or blonde in color. It is thin and flat, and the texture is silky. Hair is prone to premature graying, oiliness, and baldness. Gentle massages with cooling oils like Triphala or amla oil is recommended. You can also use a cooling mask made up of Brahmi, Amla, and henna to rid your scalp of excess oil.

Kapha Predominant Hair:

Kapha predominant hair is lush, heavy, and wavy hair, but such people also tend to have a slightly oily scalp. A vigorous scalp massage with warm oils that stimulate the blood circulation is beneficial for this hair type.

When it comes to hair, Ayurveda has a rich tradition of herbal oils, cleansers, and masks that lend well to skin and hair care. Following a doshic perspective to hair care means that you will be able to give your tresses holistic nourishment and keep them healthy and beautiful all life long.

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