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Change Your Diet to Prevent Migraine Attack

People take pain relievers to get immediate relief from migraine pain; however, if you get frequent attack from migraine and you take medicine for a long time, it may cause other health problem. Long term dependency on painkillers has a very good chance of causing new health problems for you.

In Ayurveda, any health problems depends on the following three important aspects of our life –diet, physical activity and healthy lifestyle. These three are the base for any Ayurvedic treatment.

A nutritious diet is very important for a healthy life. Too much of anything is harmful for our body. With the change in our lifestyle, our food habits have also changed. We eat a lot of processed food, oily and spicy products, too much of salt, cheese, chocolate, alcohol and everything which are not good for our body.

Simple food is the healthiest food; but we often ignore them and invite all the health problems. For people suffering from migraine pain- any of the food items like cheese, wine, processed food, cream, meat etc are not good options. It triggers the pain and causes migraine attack.

We suggest you to include a balanced healthy diet in your food- like lots of green vegetables, fruits and grains. Avoid stepping out in the bright sun and be regular about your meals. You can also consult our Jiva doctor to get more information about migraine and its cure through Ayurvedic Treatment.

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