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Drinks to Avoid for a Healthy Life

Water is a major part of our body. We take water in different forms like beverages, tea, coffee, juice etc. It boosts our mood and has a satisfying property. Well, people take drinks as per their culture, lifestyle and preference. In India, tea and coffee are two highly consumed beverages. Here, we will share the kind of beverages that you should take and avoid for a healthy life.

Avoid Carbonated and Alcoholic Drinks:

Carbonated drinks and alcohols have become a part of our lifestyle. These are the most consumed beverage for any occasion like parties, marriage function, or simply as per our mood. These drinks aggravate our doshas and increase the toxin content in our body that causes many health problems. Try to avoid taking these drinks and replaces it with nutritional food items like juice, lassi etc

Avoid Ice-cold Water:

Many people have the habit of drinking cold water during or after their meal. Drinking ice-cold water during the meal slows down the digestion process of our system. It reduces the blood flow and slows down the digestive enzyme, inhibiting the proper digestion. Taking warm water is extremely good for health as it keeps our body hydrated and also flushes out the impurities of our body.

Avoid Caffeinated drinks with Ayurvedic Tea:

Ayurvedic tea has a lot of health benefits and is suggested as the most preferred beverage for a healthy life. They contain antioxidants and herbs which rejuvenate our system and is extremely beneficial for our health. You can include Jiva Ayurvedic Tea as a part of your beverage item and consume it daily to live a healthy life.

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