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Five Early Signs of Diabetes

Many symptoms of diabetes begin to appear in the beginning but we often ignore these small physical problems. And, then gradually the disease impacts our body and we suffer from different kinds of diseases that affects our kidneys, eyes, brain,knee pain etc and result in many types of deadly problems. Let’s see 5 early signs of Diabetes that you should not ignore:

Frequent Urination

The first symptom of Diabetes is frequent urination. In the beginning of diabetes, the person repeatedly goes for urine. The amount of urine is greatly increased and it affects the kidney directly. Preventing urination has a major effect on the kidneys too.

Tingling Sensation in the Body

The second symptom is body tingling. Body parts such as in the hand, shoulders, neck starts to tingle. Such physical symptoms can be a signs of diabetes.

Strong Appetite

In this symptom, the person begins to feel very hungry. Even after eating the food, he has the desire to eat more. Problems with hunger may also be early signs of diabetes, so if your appetite is out of control, then immediately consult your doctor.

Injuries doesn’t heal

In the initial symptoms of diabetes, if there is an injury in the body of the person, then it does not get filled up quickly. It takes quite a long time to heal. With increase in sugar level, the person suffers from boils, pores and blisters.


In both type of Diabetes problem (high or low sugar), the the disease cause fatigue in the body. With increase in sugar content in the body, the blood circulation drops and causes inflammation that results in fatigue. It is a very common symptom in Diabetic patient and hence regular check-up is a must for the patient.

If you see any of these symptoms, then don’t ignore. Do a blood check and then consult a doctor.

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Early Signs of Diabetes


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