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Five Fibrous Fruits which are Good to Control Blood Sugar

Ayurveda believes in a very simple logic that the imbalance in the three Doshas is responsible for ailments like diabetes. Hence, every treatment procedure in Ayurveda aims at restoring this imbalance. Diet plays a very important role in bringing relief to diabetes mellitus patients. One of the most important ingredients of a diabetic diet is the presence of adequate fibre. One way of ensuring intake of adequate fibre is through fibrous fruits. Let us look at five fibrous fruits essential

Tips to enjoy fruits if you wish to control blood sugar

Fruits are important, but the way in which you consume them is more important. These tips can help you consume fruits in the right way thus controlling blood sugar.

  • Seasonal and local fruits are always the best option.
  • Keep a note of the glycaemic index of the fruits while consuming them, the lower the better.
  • Never have fruits as part of your meals. Have them as a snack in between meals.
  • It is a good idea to have fruits along with nuts as olive to balance the glycaemic index.
  • Never go for fruit juices as it removes all the fibre. This can cause a spike in your blood glucose levels.
  • Raw fruits are always better than the ripe ones.

Five fibrous fruits that can help control blood sugar


Apples contain a lot of fibre. Hence, diabetics can consume apples. Maybe the person who coined the quote, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was a diabetic.

Blueberries –

Indians know this fruit by the name, Jamun. This is one of the best fruits to have to control blood sugar levels. They can help in the digestion process as well.

Guava –

One of the main complaints of Type-2 diabetes patients is constipation. Guava is rich in fibre content. This fruit has a low glycaemic index as well. Thus, this humble fruit is best suited to treat diabetic patients.


Watermelon has high potassium content. They can help in balancing the blood uric acid levels. This ensures that the kidneys function well. You find nerve damage in diabetic patients. Watermelon has lycopene which plays an important part in reducing effects of nerve damage.

Papaya –

Papayas have lots of antioxidants that help provide relief from heart ailments and nerve damage caused by irregular blood sugar levels. It is great to some slices of papaya every day as they can obstruct future cell damage and increase its longevity.


We have seen five simple fruits that are available in India practically throughout the year. Consuming these fruits in the right way can help control your blood sugar levels.

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