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Get Relief from Ear Pain with These Easy Home Remedies

Ear pain feels like piercing and needs immediate relief. There could be a number of reasons for the cause of this pain like sinus, tonsillitis, cavities, earwax etc. One of the very common ear pains is due to the infection in your middle ear. This may result in swelling as the ear fluid gets accumulated in the eardrum and gives immense pain. Sometimes, it may also cause fever and loss of hearing. Ayurveda gives you very easy formula for quick relief from sharp ear pain; let’s look at these simple formulas:

Mustard Oil with Garlic:

A concoction made with garlic and mustard oil can cure your ear pain. To prepare this concoction, you should take few garlic cloves and heat it in mustard oil. Then let it cool and put 2-3 drops in your ear. Garlic has the analgesic property that gives relief from any pain. You can also use sesame oil to prepare the concoction.

Basil Leaf:

We use basil leaf for various ailments and one of it is ear pain. You can use the basil juice and pour few drops in the infected ear. This will help in any preventing any further ear infection.

Mustard Oil:

This multi-tasking lubricant which is extensively used in Indian cooking is a great remedy for pain. In ear pain, soak mustard oil with methi dana and heeng for an hour and then you can put 2-3 drops of this solution in the infected ear and turn your head in other side. Be careful not to put too much oil as it shouldn’t go inside your ear. This will help in removing the extra wax from your ear and will give you instant relief.

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