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Amazing Health Benefits of Cloves

We all use cloves as a spice, but cloves has many qualities that can help you get rid of many health problems. Let’s see what are these health benefits:


If you have pain in your tooth, putting it in your mouth or clove oil in the tooth helps to get relief from toothache immediately. That is why cloves are often used to make toothpaste.

Gas and Acidity:

Clove is also very useful for removing gas and acidity. For this, grind two or three cloves in half cup of water and boil it. Drink the water when it becomes lukewarm. You will get rid of stomach gas.


If you get hiccup repeatedly, then put two or three cloves in the mouth and suck. It will be very beneficial.


Eating cloves increases the eyesight and makes the vision sharp.


Massage clove oil in joint pain, you will get relief in both inflammation and pain. Also, if any part of the body is swollen, massage with clove oil will give you relief.

Cough and Cold:

If you have got cough and cold cold, then mix three cloves and black pepper and grind it well and mix it with honey. Then take it twice a day. It cures colds and colds in 2 days.


If you are suffering from brain tension and headache, then take a cup of mint leaves in boiling water and boil 2 tulsi leaves and mix it with honey. Your headache will be removed and you will feel refreshed. In addition, grind clove and mix some water in it and apply it on your forehead. It will give you immense relief.

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