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Get Rid Of Chapped Lips In 5 Days

It is common for you to have dry lips in winter and in the beginning of spring. Many a times, dry lips bleed and can be painful. So along with your skin, don’t forget to take care of your lips. Today we will share some home remedies to avoid the problems of dry lips. These home remedies are extremely effective and can help you to get rid of dry chapped lips.

Lemon Juice with Honey

For chapped lip, mix some drops of lemon juice in one teaspoon of Jiva Honey. Honey has a lot of moisture, which makes it soft to your lips. Apply this mixture on your lips for 1 hour. After that, clean your lips with wet clothes. By doing this, your lips will become soft for a very long time.

Raw Pumpkin, Coconut Oil and Honey

Make a paste by mixing raw pumpkin paste, a spoonful of coconut oil and one teaspoon honey and keep it in the fridge. Applying this paste three to four times a day, the lipped lips begin appearing soft and attractive.

Olive Oil with Vaseline

Mix one spoon olive oil with half spoon of Vaseline. Applying this mixture on the lips for three - four times a day, will retain the moisture content of the lips and it will not become dry.

Honey with Aloe Vera gel

Mix half spoon of honey with half spoon Aloe Vera Gel. For this, you can use Jiva Honey and mix it with Aloe-vera gel. Apply this mixture on your lips at night. Use it for 7 days and your lips will become soft, pink and beautiful.

Apart from these remedies, also remember that deficiency of Vitamin A causes dry and rough lips. So, eat foods rich in Vitamin A; it will heal your lips from within.

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