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Easy home remedies to prevent hairfall

These days, everyone seems to be aware about the concept of beauty. And why not! Looking beautiful boosts self-confidence, doesn’t it? Apart from having an attractive face, thick, shiny, and soft hair is also considered an asset. However, modern lifestyle is leading to a lot of hair-related problems, the most common one being hair fall.

Who doesn’t love thick, black, and lustrous hair? Your tresses can go a long way in making you look and feel beautiful. However, the problem starts when they tend to fall excessively or lose natural texture. Generally speaking, it’s okay to expect some hair fall. That’s part of the natural cycle. Losing 40-50 strands of hair every day is normal. However, when you lose more hair than this and your hair doesn’t grow back as fast, it becomes a problem.

Causes for Hair fall:

Here are a few common causes of hair fall: - Not having a proper diet, staying awake till late at night, eating a lot of fried, spicy, and junk foods, having too much tea or coffee, consumption of tobacco, excessive intake of salt.

  • Applying different types of hair colours/dyes and chemicals

  • Hereditary factors, old age, lack of nutrition

  • Medicines containing steroid, chemotherapy, and other treatments

  • Anxiety, stress, anger, and psychological factors

Home Remedies:

  • If you’re suffering from hair fall, the following tips should help solve the problem


  • In addition to natural hair oils, massage the hair roots with aloe vera gel and fresh gooseberry juice (amla). Leave it for 2-3 hours and wash your hair normally. You should do this once or twice in a week.

Hair Pack:

  • Mix henna, water of boiled tea leaves, honey (for dry hair) or ½ cup curd (for oily hair), juice of curry leaves, and ¼ cup fenugreek seeds (soak them and grind to paste). Apply this pack for 30 to 40 minutes and then wash it off


Mix the following ingredients together and have one teaspoon, twice a day

  • Walnuts: 1-2

  • Seed less dry dates: 1-2

  • Black sesame seed: 1 teaspoon

  • Fenugreek seed: ½ teaspoon

  • Almond: 2-3


  • Shirshasan, bhujangasan, shavasan, sarvangasan can help reduce hair fall. In pranayam bhastrika, shitali and anulom-vilom are beneficial.


  • Massage the hair at least twice a week with almond, olive, coconut, neem or mustard oil.

  • Applying steam for 10-15 minutes after the hair massage is very helpful.

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