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Importance of Jamun and Aloe Vera in Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

The word ‘Jamun’ brings back memories of our childhood when we had a great time plucking Jamuns from the trees and having a great time. Jamun or Black Plum or blueberries as they are referred to are extremely tasty fruits. One always remembers the lashing our mothers gave when we came home with violet coloured stains on our school uniforms.

Jamun – Effective remedy for diabetes

Are you aware that this humble fruit that we used to eat nonchalantly in our childhood has great medicinal properties in bringing relief to Type-2 diabetes patients? Let us see the benefits of the Jamun fruit in treating the symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

  • This fruit relieves stomach pain and is a confirmed diuretic. Jamun vinegar is especially very useful for patients suffering from enlargement of the spleen and those having urine retention problems. Hence, it provides relief from polyuria.

  • In addition to the fruit, the extracts of the bark, seeds, and leaves are very beneficial as they have a low glycaemic index.

  • The extracts of the seeds can reduce your blood sugar level a great deal.

  • You should have a decoction of the barks and the leaves to treat diabetes.

  • Jamun seeds contain jamboline that helps in controlling the conversion of starch into blood glucose.

Aloe vera – Not restricted to cosmetic care alone

Aloe vera is famous for its utility in the cosmetics industry. But, aloe vera juice has powers to improve blood glucose levels thereby proving beneficial in treating diabetes.

  • Some Type-2 diabetes patients develop high levels of blood lipids. Aloe vera juice has a reputation for reducing these blood lipids. Hence, they are effective in the treatment of acute hepatitis.

  • Diabetes patients face lots of problems because their wounds do not heal quickly. It is very common for diabetics to experience leg wounds and ulcers. As these wounds take a long time to heal, these wounds become septic/gangrenous leading to eventual amputations in serious cases. Aloe vera juice hastens the healing process thereby providing great relief to such diabetic patients.


Jamuns and aloe vera juice have great benefits in treating diabetic patients. They help in controlling the blood sugar levels thereby helping you arrest the diabetic condition from becoming severe. 

But if you are looking for a long term solution, consult a jiva doctor for the best ayurvedic treatment for diabetes

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