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Let?s Spice Up Your Weight Loss Journey, Shall We?

Fads and shortcut methods might deliver immediate results, but in the long run, you will need sustainable methods to keep the weight off for good. Let’s look at three powerful spices that can be easily incorporated into your day to day routine to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Ayurvedic Properties: Dipan, pachan, vatanuloman, balya, sthanya

Fenugreek, or methi, improves digestion and boosts metabolism. It is also carminative in nature, which means, it relieves flatulence and reduces bloating.

How to Use:

  • Add methi to your dals and curries

  • Have 1tsp of methi powder with water or honey every morning and before going to sleep.

Black Pepper

Ayurvedic Properties: Dipan, pachan, Kapha Vata shamak, vatanulomak, krimighna etc Black pepper widely used in Ayurvedic preparations and medicines. It’s prescribed for indigestion, flatulence, and a host of digestive problems. Pepper is known to boost the metabolism and help you burn calories faster.

How to use:

  • Use in your cooking

  • Add to your morning cup of chai

  • Sprinkle on salads, soups, and fruit chaat

  • Have 2 pinches of black pepper with honey every morning

  • Add a couple of pinches of pepper to lemon water and honey and drink throughout the day


Ayurvedic Properties: Dipan, pachan, vatanulomak, shulprashamana, shothahar, vedanasthapan, grahi

Jeera is known to improve digestion and boost metabolism. It also has carminative properties, making it useful in weight loss.

How to use:

  • Add jeera to your cooking

  • Have a pinch of cumin with honey every morning

  • Boil water with a little bit of jeera and drink this throughout the day

The right kind of weight loss program is the one that’s sustainable and not disruptive. Along with your daily exercise routine, include these spices into your diet and with time, you’ll see the results in no time.

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