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Migraine - A headache that hurts

Migraine is more common than you think it is. There are millions who live with the pain and pop a pill for the pain and ignore the root-cause. Before take a deeper dive into the disease, let us first shed some light on a few common myths.

Migraine Attack is simply a type of headache

Headache is just a symptom of Migraine and need not always accompany an attack which could be “Acephalgic” or silent. It is in fact a neurological disease that could lead to future complications when left unattended.

Migraine is occasional and doesn’t last for a day

People with chronic Migraine could suffer daily ordeal for many days consecutively. Headache from Migraine is known to have lasted for about seventy two hours at a stretch on several occasions.

Migraine is harmless compared to other life threatening diseases

More than 1400 women die annually in the United States alone due to cardiac diseases stemming from Migraine.

Women are prone to Migraine

Both men and women are likely to suffer from Migraine and there is no substantial proof to suggest otherwise.

Tips to prevent Migraine pain

  • Sunlight is the most natural disinfectant that helps us in sustaining our lives. Nevertheless, if you expose yourself too much to direct sunlight, the glare can take a toll on your health by triggering Migraine. It is always good to use a hat or an umbrella in summer as you step outside especially if you are prone to Migraine.

  • The Serotonin level of the brain drops during Migraine attacks and strong stimuli like loud noise, strong smell, coupled with high physical stress may worsen Migraine pain.

  • Vega Dharana, or suppression of natural urges can result in accumulation of toxin in your body. Piling up of toxin contributes to a vast array of complications including Migraine.

Mitigating Migraine with the power of Yoga

  • Practicing easy yoga postures everyday helps in keeping Migraine under control. Asansa like Hastapadasana and SetuBandhasana can proffer relief from pain and help you live life free from various diseases.

Ayurveda; the curative goldmine

  • JivaSadbindu Oil, a medicine free of toxic compounds, can treat neurological diseases permanently. Additionally, Panchakarma treatments like Shirodhara, Shirolepa and Shirovasti can rejuvenate your “Shiro” or head by application of liquid or medicinal paste and set you free from Migraine pain.

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