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Treat Piles Naturally

Haemorrhoids, commonly known as Piles, are blood vessels located in the walls of the rectum and anus. Anterio-Venus channels and connective tissues are the building blocks of these blood vessels that regulate and control the movement of stools. Piles is a part of the normal human anatomy but starts becoming a problem when swelling sets in and the vessels become distended with blood, leading to pain and rectal bleeding. Swelling and inflammation in the rectal region can give you tough time everyday while defecating and leave you with itching, soreness, discomfort and pain. There could be several causes of Haemorrhoids including low fibre diet, pregnancy and obesity. It is important to arrest this nagging disease at the earliest possible before it starts getting worse.

Home remedies for Haemorrhoids

  • Coconut oil, a hundred percent natural moisturizer, helps in managing the pain and itching sensation resulting from Piles. Using organic coconut oil externally, on a regular basis, could be of great help in relieving the pain.

  • Aloe Vera, a medicinal plant that finds application in many diseases works as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. The glycoprotein and polysaccharide present in Aloe Vera, repairs your skin with care and wards off infectious germs around the rectum.

  • One of the main reasons of Piles is constipation which can be relieved by regular consumption of TriphalaChurna. It softens stool and can help you relive yourself every morning without pain and strain. Owing to the non-habit forming nature of Triphala, it can be used safely over the long run, without any permanent dependency.

  • Jiva Jatyadi Oil has been used successfully by millions, to heal the wounds from Piles and anal fistula. Soak a clean cotton ball thoroughly with the oil and dab it gently on the affected area. The blood purifying agents in this oil disinfects wounds in a jiffy and promotes faster healing. Besides piles, Jatyadi oil is an effective solution for infections like herpes zoster too along with fire burns.

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