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Natural Remedies for Short-term Relief from Ear Infection in Children

Needless to say, we all know the kind of pain which is caused due to ear infection. We as adult feel the ear pain difficult to bear. Imagine the situation that happens when a child gets ear infection. For children, it is very uncomforting and they extremely painful. More than 2/3rd of children get ear infection by 3 years and sometimes it may occur several times in a short duration.

What will you do if your child cries with pain in mid-night and you don’t know have any medicine for the infection.

Here, we have shared few home-remedies that you can try for instant relief from ear infection. - You can give 1-2 drops of olive oil (warm) in both ears. - Warm onion juice is also good for instant pain relief. Put 1-2 drops in each ear. - Use warm water to compress the infected area, it will relieve the pain. Don’t use hot water as it may burn the skin and can worsen the problem. - You can also compress your child’s ear with a warm salt wrapped in a cotton cloth and place it near the infected ear.

These are few short-term/instant relief home-remedies that you can try for your children. However, if the pain persists, visit the doctor immediately. For Ayurvedic treatment, you can consult Jiva Doctor and they will help you with proper medicine and treatment for ear pain.

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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