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Treat Eye Infections With These Naturally Ingredients

Eyes are one of the most delicate and vital part of our body. We depend on our eyes for our day to day activities. Any infection or problem in our eyes impacts the whole system. Eye infection is very common eye problems which are caused by fungus, bacteria a nd virus. Any infection in our eye can cause severe irritation like itching, swelling and redness. Conjunctivitis, Herpes Simplex, Keratitis are some of the common eye infections that cause itchy watery eyes. If you ever get any eye infection problem, then you should try these home- remedy solutions for quick relief:


Honey is a cure for many skin health problems. It’s antibacterial quality helps in killing bacteria and infections. For treatment with Honey, mix equal quantity of Jiva Honey with Water and let it cool for some time. Then use this mixture on the infection with cotton balls and apply it. Honey has the element to kill the bacteria and give relief from eye infections.

Tea Leaves:

Do you know that tea leaves are a strong antibacterial agent that can give immense relief in swelling and redness. Black tea is the best option for the treatment. You can use tea bag and put it in hot water, then cool it and apply on the eyes for 15 minutes. You can also wash your eyes with this solution, provided you don’t feel burning sensation or irritation in your eyes.

Jasmine Flower:

You can use this remedy by soaking jasmine flower in distilled water overnight and then use it as an eye drop for 3-4 times in a day. It will remove impurities from your eyes and control the infection effectively.

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