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Treat Skin Allergy with Ayurvedic Herbs

Our skin is the most sensitive part of our body. It can react when it interacts with allergens. There are thousands of elements that can be sensitive for our skin and we may develop allergic reaction to it. It could be metals like gold, nickel or scents, any vaccine, soap, heat, clothing, food items etc. It depends on an individual and his body’s sensitivity. Here is a list of 3 Ayurvedic herbs that can be effective in skin allergy problems:


Neem is the panacea for skin allergies. It contains three anti-inflammatory elements Nimbidin, Quercetin and Nimbin. Its antibacterial property makes it an ideal remedy for many skin allergic problems. You can use Neem oil or its paste to treat the affected area and to heal the skin from any allergic reaction. Neem juice is also very good for our health; it detoxifies the body from within and cures many diseases internally.


Application of Manjistha and Neem paste on skin allergy soothes the skin. The cooling effect of manjistha with anti-bacterial effect of neem is one of the best Ayurvedic options for skin reactions. You can also take it as a medicine as it will aid in healing the problem internally.


If you have developed skin allergies due to heat, then Khadira can be used to balance Pitta in your body. For skin allergies like inflammation or itching, you can use Khadira leave’s paste on the affected part of your skin; it will give great relief from the problem.

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