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Natural Remedies To Cure Thyroid At Home

“I am feeling lethargic. I forgot to take my thyroid pills today.” These were the words of Shubhangi, a 27-year-old female, who has been suffering from thyroid disorder and starts her day by popping a thyroid pill every day.

Earlier, disorders like thyroid, diabetes and heart problems were considered lifestyle or genetic disorders that affected people in their 40s or 50s. Nowadays, people as young as in their 20s or 30s are getting affected by such chronic disorders. The reason is our fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyle and poor eating habits. Like Shubhangi, there are 42 million people in India who are suffering from thyroid disorder. Sadly, half of them don’t even know about the thyroid gland until they get diagnosed with it.

The Thyroid Gland

The thyroid is a small pear-shaped gland located just below your neck, which regulates major functions in your body like metabolic rate, heart and digestive function, muscle control, brain development, mood and bone maintenance. However, when this regulator doesn’t work, it causes thyroid problems like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. When you visit a doctor, they usually ask for thyroid level test. Basis on your test result, you are prescribed supplements to balance your thyroid level.

How to cure thyroid naturally?

If you are looking for a natural and safe solution to treat thyroid disorder, Ayurveda can help. Ayurvedic medicine for thyroid helps your body produce thyroid hormones on its own and restores your body’s normal functions. Natural medicines are administered that clear blocked channels of the body. It restores the hormonal balance by strengthening your digestive fire (agni) and metabolism, boosting your immunity, and rejuvenating and detoxifying your body from within.

One can prevent thyroid disorder from progressing to a severe stage by adopting healthy diet and lifestyle measures and taking natural home remedies for thyroid. We have mentioned below a few home remedies for thyroid that can be beneficial for you.

Natural Home Remedies For Thyroid

  1. Weak metabolism and digestion affect the thyroid gland and vice-versa. Toxins (ama) gets deposited in the body and further weakens the digestive fire (agni). Therefore, to regulate your metabolism and digestion, you can take Jiva Aam Pachak Churna. You can also make a powder at home by mixing saunth, jeera, dhaniya (10 gm each) and pudina & saunf (20 gm each). Have one tsp. after meals twice a day with lukewarm water.
  2. For thyroid patients, it becomes extremely difficult to lost weight or maintain a healthy weight. So, for body detox & weight loss, you can squeeze half lemon into 1 cup of warm water and mix 1 spoon of honey to it and start your morning with this healthy drink. You can also have Jiva Slim Tea for internal detoxification and weight loss.
  3. You can make Trikatu churna at home. It is a classical Ayurvedic formulation that combines the goodness of long pepper, black pepper, and ginger (saunth). This churna can be made by mixing an equal quantity of all the ingredients in powdered form. You can take 1/2 or 1 tsp. of this churna with lukewarm water, two times a day.
  4. Practice bhujangasana pose as it helps stretch the neck and throat region which further increases the thyroid functioning.
  5. Practice stress reduction techniques as chronic stress is one of the primary causes of thyroid disorder, especially in women. It is extremely important to release the negative energy or emotions out of the mind and body. Breathing exercises (pranayama) like anulom-vilom, ujjayi pranayama and bhramari pranayama can help you de-stress, reduces anxiety and are beneficial for the thyroid gland.
  6. Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones therefore make sure that you consume an adequate amount of iodine salt on regular basis. Do not consume it in excessive quantity.
  7. Eat Vitamin-A rich foods like apple, pear, spinach, carrot and green vegetables. Limit your intake of soyabean and soy products. Eat all seasonal fruits.
  8. Massage your neck with desi ghee/ sesame oil (til). Then, dip a towel in warm water & wrap it around your neck for some time.
  9. Have fresh ginger water made at home with its small pieces boiled in water.

While these remedies can help prevent and manage the disorder, they can’t be a solution for the query - ‘how to cure thyroid at home?’ For effective treatment and cure, consulting an Ayurvedic doctor would be a wise decision. Doctors at Jiva offer 360-degree ayurvedic treatment for thyroid disorder and help bring a natural balance to your thyroid levels while improving the overall quality of life.

To Know more , talk to a Jiva doctor. Dial 0129-4040404 or click on ‘Speak to a Doctor
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