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Panchakarma Therapies for Relief in Migraine

Migraine is a very common health conditions. One in every twelve males and one in every four females experience severe headaches at some point in their lives. In Ayurveda, migraines are known as Sooryavarta or Ardha Shirashool.

The symptoms of migraine might be different for every person, but all of them do experience severe headaches in one side of the head. Unlike modern medicine which simply prescribes painkiller to deal with the pain, Ayurveda looks at the root-cause of the condition and then gives the treatment for it and Panchakarma therapies plays a very integral role in treatment.

Commonly Recommended Therapies:

Panchakarma is a vast science in itself and depending on the patient’s prakriti and diagnosis, a customized set of Panchakarma therapies is prescribed by the consulting doctor.


In this technique a thin stream of oil is poured on the scalp of the person for relief from the pain.

Shiro Lepa:

A herbal paste consisting of herbs that are good for the Pitta Dosha are applied on the head.


The pouring of the medicated oils on a leather cap that is tied to the head is also an effective technique for treating migraine.

Kavala Graham (Oil Pulling):

Oil pulling is another technique that is effective in treating migraine in the longer run.

Sneha Nasya:

This is a technique in which medicated oils are carried to the nostrils so that the patient can smell them and benefit from them.

In addition to these therapies, the doctor will also recommend personalized medicines along with diet and lifestyle routines for a 360 degree treatment regimen.

To Sum Up

Ayurveda provides very effective treatment for Migraine and severe headaches. Root-cause treatment of the problem gives long-term relief and improves overall health. Stop popping painkillers when you get a headache, consult a Jiva doctor today.

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