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Skin Care Tips According to Your Dosha

Do you have the complaint that the skin care products you use don’t work for you as good as it works for your friend? YES!

The answer is simple- you haven’t recognised your skin type yet. It’s easier to choose products to enhance your outer beauty and the within if you know your skin/body type.

According to Ayurveda, there are three body types, hence, three skin types - Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Vata Skin Type:

If your skin is dry, thin, fine-pored, delicate and cool in touch, you probably have Vata skin.

Due to dryness, Vata skin tends to wrinkle more severely as it ages and takes on the dull and grayish quality if digestion is not balanced. Vata skin is also sensitive to mental and physical stress and, shows, the sign.

Vata skin doesn’t retain moisture as compared to other skin types. Therefore, drink at least two to three litres of water per day and eat sweet and juicy fruits. Also, apply moisturizer on your body every time after a bath.

Pitta Skin Type:

Pitta skin is more fair and rosy in complexion, warm to the touch and of medium thickness.

When imbalanced, Pitta skin suffers rashes, breakout and acne. Pitta skin is often more sensitive than other skin types, mental stress is easily visible, like blushing when embarrassed.

As, Pitta skin is over sensitive, stay away from excessive heat and too direct sunlight. Use cool water to take a bath. Do not use chemical cosmetic products. Apply aloe vera gel to calm fiery Pitta Dosha. Jiva Aloe Mint face wash also helps to keep skin fresh and healthy. Jiva Kumkumadi Oil is very useful in pacifying Pitta.

Kapha Skin Type

Kapha skin is thicker, softer, oiler and smoother, and is also cool to the touch as compared to other skin types.

Kapha skin doesn’t tend to wrinkle until very late in life. When imbalanced, Kapha skin suffers excessive oiliness, blackheads, pimples, enlarged pores and water retention.

Impurities tend to settle on Kapha skin, so, regular cleaning is essential. Thrice a week, pat milk on your skin for five minutes before going to bed and in the morning exfoliate the skin using Neem mud pack, natural cleanser and skin nourisher.

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