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Stress and is effect on married life

Marriage isn’t only about physical union between a man and woman. They have to bond on an emotional and spiritual level as well. And this can only happen if both of them take the effort to build a strong relation based on love, trust, and sacrifice.

Our ancient scriptures have laid down 16 traditional values that are essential and integral to our lives. One of them is marriage, which, through religious and societal sanction, allows a man and woman to start a domestic life together.

The modern times that we live in are extremely dynamic and these rapid changes are bound to reflect on the life of a married couple as well. However, if they have great understanding between themselves, the relationship will be able to weather almost any difficulty life throws at them. Otherwise, things can turn sour really quickly. The marriage will be torn apart by stress and dissent and the husband and wife will go from being friends to foes in no time at all.

Here are a few situations that can wreak havoc on a couple’s married life:

  • Financial problems: Inadequate funds to meet personal or family expenses, bad financial planning, incurring excessive debt

  • Responsibility of kids: Inability to spend enough time raising the kids properly

  • Interference from relatives: Unnecessary meddling from both the husband and wife’s family

  • Poor communication: Lack of constructive conversation carried out in a calm and balanced manner

  • Professional stress: Letting work related problems take a toll on the relationship

  • Physical tiredness: Hectic routine that leaves little or no energy for physical intimacy

  • Bad habits or behavior: Negative traits like addiction, excessive criticism, and backbiting can weaken a marriage.

  • Poor health: Prolonged illness, lack of mutual respect, and inferiority complex can lead to stress and tension too.

Tips for a Stress-free Life:

Life is never the same. Things are always in a constant state of flux. These changes can impact you in many ways, affecting your personal, professional, and marital life. The very things you loved about your partner might become irritating, (add comma) and all that you held most valuable about your relationship may lose importance.

In such times, it’s extremely important to take accountability for the relationship and responsibility for its future. At the same time, the couple should face their problems resolutely, yet harmoniously. Finally, always keep a calm demeanor about you and approach the problem with a positive bent of mind.

Here are a few tips that will help you beat stress when things don’t seem to be going your way:

  • Express your feelings clearly. At the same time, keep an open mind when your partner is speaking his / her mind.

  • Plan your finances together in a systematic manner.

  • When things become difficult, do not resort to playing the blame game.

  • Take care of each other and pay attention to what your partner likes and dislikes.

  • Spend quality time with each other and make provisions for short trips and getaways.

  • Encourage each other’s professional pursuits and comfort your partner when he / she is going through a rough patch.

  • Don’t treat your partner like your enemy or competitor. Extend to him all your love, respect, and understanding.

  • Do not hesitate to take help from your family and close friends to overcome the effects of stress on your relationship.

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