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The Effects of Stress on the Body: Ayurveda Explains

Stress has now become a part of today’s fast-paced mechanical lifestyle. Be it, kids, teenagers, or adults, no one can escape its clutches. Stress is the major cause of most of the ailments ranging from depression and anxiety to digestive disorders. Here’s how stress can adversely affects your mind and body according to Ayurveda.

Our body is made up of three doshas, and each dosha has a sub dosha. Vata Dosha - Prana vata Kapha Dosha - Tarpaka kapha Pitta Dosha - Sadhaka Pitta

These sub doshas govern our mind. Now, when our mind is stressed, and these sub doshas are imbalanced, Sadhaka Pitta creates a burning effect, and Prana Vata creates a drying effect. To counter these effects, Tarpaka Kapha generates extra fluid to protect the brain.

When this happens repeatedly, the lubricating value of Tarpaka Kapha becomes excessive and begins to reduce the metabolizing fire, i.e. Medhya Agni. The process is similar to having too much moisture in your digestive system that puts out the digestive fire. This continuous process of excess fluid being generated releases toxins, or ama, in the body, which leads to anxiety attacks and other stress-related problems.

It is essential to combat the ill effects of stress and control it before it does any further harm to the body. The age-old science of Ayurveda recommends practicing meditation, a fail-proof solution to deal with stress. A few benefits of meditation are:

  • Greater clarity and inner calmness
  • Increased creativity and happiness
  • Improved sense of emotional stability
  • Reduced level of anxiety and depression
  • Improved brain function and memory
  • Reduced level of stressAyurveda aims to restore one's body and mind to health by correcting imbalance, stress, and anxiety. The simple ritual of meditating can balance your doshas, calm the mind, and refresh your senses.

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