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The Goodness of Ginger in Relieving Migraine Pain

Did you know that pain medications such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen, when taken on a regular basis, is bad for your kidneys? Research shows that these painkillers can extensively damage your kidneys in the long run if taken on a daily basis. It has been recorded that countless Americans have potentially damaged their kidneys beyond repair by abusing these painkillers for too long. Instead of painkillers, you can try ginger which has 200 substances that can block the prostaglandins that help in the inflammation control and the release of certain hormones. These directly help in reducing the headache. NOTE: The effect of ginger takes some time to work. Plan well to prevent the pain from becoming severe. If you see the signs of an aura forming, try one of the methods below.

How to Use Ginger as A Remedy for Pain?

Here are some of how you can use ginger to relieve your headache:


Eating ginger in any form such as dried or in the form of candies can be effective in reducing the headaches. You can also use the grounded ginger roots in your food. Mixing of powdered ginger in the beverages is also great for relieving migraines.


Drinking ginger juice is also another way to intake it and relieve migraine aches. You can either make fresh ginger juices at home or buy it any pharmacy.


Inhaling the ginger vapors is another very efficient way to intake all the goodness of this herb if you cannot eat it. So, mix some ginger powder or a cut piece of fresh ginger in boiling water and inhale its vapors for the best effects. You can also use the ginger essential oils and inhale it with the steam.


Applying the ginger paste on the forehead or massaging the forehead with the ginger essential oil has also proven to show positive effects of a migraine.

For long-term relief, you should get personalized Ayurvedic treatment without ignoring the pain. Remember, migraine can be treated, and Ayurvedic treatment is effective. So, you do not necessarily need to consume over-the-counter drugs that can do your body more harm than good.

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