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Things That Help in Reducing Migraine and Headache

No one in the world is saved from headaches, and that is because they are persistent: as many as 9 out of 10 adults at some point in their life consult the doctor for this reason. Statistics show that a headache occupies one of the first places of consultation, both with the general practitioner and with the specialist in Neurology. Pain, in general, is a completely subjective or individual experience that is related to the discomfort (symptoms) of each patient in a very personal way. The magnitude and type are combined with the effect of emotional experiences as well as the impact that headaches have on the activities of the daily life (work, family, relationships, ad social life). Generally, people who go to consultation for a headache do so because its magnitude and impact on the daily life are no longer tolerable.

Here are a few sure shot ways in which a person can get rid of a headache or a migraine pain.


The first thing that a person can do to reduce headaches is meditation. Meditation is the technique to calm the mind and hence provide you with relief from a headache. This is the best technique to apply when you have an ache in the head caused due to other factors than a migraine. However, meditation does not have much effect on the migraine pain; it can help if you suffer from migraine with aura and reduce some of its impacts.


Most of the headaches are caused due to lack of sleep. So, when you take a long relaxing sleep, your body is fully rested, you can see relief from the regular headaches and even migraine. You can also gently massage your scalp before going to bed. Using reflexology can also be a big help.


Exercising is another way to relax the body and hence relieve ache and pain. Yoga is a combination of breathing exercises physical postures and meditation that work together to bring body and mind balance. Aerobic exercises have also been known to reduce headaches significantly.

Essential Oils - Peppermint and Lavender

Essential oils are a great way to reduce a headache caused due to a migraine and other reasons. Lavender and peppermint are the two oils that have the best effect on the people. Peppermint also has the property to increase oxygen flow. The lavender and basil oils are great for calming the person down and also help in curing a headache.

Change in Diet

Certain foods can increase the migraines and the headaches in people. However, making some small or significant changes in the diet has been proven to reduce them. Foods rich in omega three fatty acids can be of much help. Also look for the dairy products or certain fruits and vegetables that can be causing the headache for you.

If you have constant pains in your head, it is essential to consult a doctor for their advice. The headaches can also lead to problems like dizziness, sensory disturbances and much more. Taking a painkiller is the short-term way to deal with it but to get rid of it entirely, it is essential to make sure that you include the given things in your routine and visit your doctor regularly.

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