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5 tips to Overcome Piles During Pregnancy

Piles or hemorrhoids, also known as Arsh are the swollen and inflamed blood vessels in the rectum and anus. These are of two kinds, - Internal: inside the rectum and usually painless. However, if the internal hemorrhoid prolapsed, they can get very painful. - External: these are the swollen vessels outside the rectum and are often painful and itchy.

Symptoms of piles include bleeding, itching, discomfort and burning.

This condition is common in middle-aged and old individuals. The major reason is a weak digestive system. Most women during pregnancy are seen to be troubled by this problem.

Pregnancy and piles

During pregnancy increase in uterus size and increase in blood volume puts pressure on the veins which run through the anus and causes them to swell and inflame.

Hormones during pregnancy lead to slowing down of the bowel movements which can lead to constipation, increasing the chances of piles.

Iron content in prenatal vitamins is also a reason for constipation which causes straining during stool.

Most women get piles during the third trimester or during labor.

How can you avoid getting piles during pregnancy? 1. Increase water intake: lack of water in the body makes it reabsorb water through colon leaving dry stool hard to push out. Drinking a good amount of water helps in keeping the body hydrated keeping constipation away.

  1. Food- based vitamins: Vitamins present in food are more absorbable by the body compared to the synthetic vitamins (present in prenatal vitamin tabs). These synthetic vitamins are the cause of constipation during pregnancy. Therefore intake of natural vitamins should be encouraged.

  2. Ayurvedic medications: There are a large range of Ayurvedic medications help in controlling and preventing the disease. These medicines are made from natural sources and are the best advice to be taken during pregnancy. There is no side effect of taking these medications.

  3. Yogurt: It is a natural probiotic which contains good bacteria which improves digestion, thus keeping constipation and piles away. It is healthier than the packaged probiotic supplements.

  4. Healthy diet: Along with giving an abundance of absorbable vitamins, a healthy diet including plenty of fiber, healthy fats, help in keeping the bowel lubricated and moving. Soaked sweet basil are helpful in keeping constipation away.

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