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Use These Ayurvedic Formula to Avoid Premature Greying of Hair

Greying of Hair is a natural process that increases with age; however, there are many people who are suffering from premature greying of hair. Premature greying of hair mostly happens due to genetic reasons. Sometime it may also happen because of stress, unhealthy food habits, usage of harsh chemicals etc.

4 Ayurvedic Hair Treatment to Darken your Hair.

  • Amla Powder (Churna)

Amla is a very effective ayurvedic medicine for many diseases. To stop the premature greying of hair you should eat Amla. For this, first dry Amla (fruit) and grind it to make amla powder. Every day before sleeping at night, take two teaspoons of this powder with water. Doing so will stop the grey hair turning white.

  • Coconut oil with Bottle-gourd Juice

Mix 75 ml of coconut oil and 25 ml bottle-gourd juice and keep it in the sunlight for a little while sleeping in the evening, massage the hair with light hand and leave it for one day. By doing this, your hair will become black and long.

  • Cow’s Ghee

Massage the ghee made from cow's milk thoroughly in the hair. You can use this remedy twice a week. Doing so will make your hair black and strong.

  • Amla Juice with Almond Oil

Mix one spoon of Jiva Amla (gooseberry) Juice with 3 spoons of almond oil. Massage this on your hair every night. This is a great way to blacken grey hair.

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