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3 Useful Tips to Manage Blood Sugar

India is fast becoming the diabetes capital of the world. There are more diabetics in India than anywhere else. Patients become dependant on insulin and medical expenses keep rising forever. Thankfully, Ayurveda has long term and effective treatment to manage as well as prevent Diabetes. Try these Ayurvedic tips to manage your blood sugar levels.

Methi with Jamun Seed

One of the most effective remedy for Diabetes in Ayurveda is Jamun Seed. To prepare an effective medicine, mix one spoon of methi powder with same quantity of jamun seed powder and quarter spoon of neem powder. Then mix these together and take it once in a day. Soaked Almond: Take 4-5 almonds in 1 glass of water and soak it overnight. You can drink that water on an empty stomach in the morning and eat the almond during or after breakfast. Don’t eat dry nuts, always soak it in water and then take it.


The second herbal medicine is Shilajit. The wonderful Ayurvedic book written by Maharishi Vaghabhatta has mentioned about the benefits of Shilajit in diabetes to fight fatigue and weakness. Shilajit is an excellent remedy for any type of diabetes and should be taken with water.

Following these tips will help, but for proper treatment and medicines, consult a Jiva doctor today on 0129 4040404

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